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Battleground Europe: WWII Online: Special Free Trial Offer

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMAdministrator Posts: 5,179 Uncommon has partnered with PlayNet to bring you an exclusive trial offer for Battleground Europe: WWII Online. This 14 day trial will also give you discount price of $9.99 on your first month if you choose to play after the trial. In addition to all this you will be entered in a contest with PlayNet to win some cool prizes!

When you are ready to get your free trial key click the link below:



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  • AirspellAirspell warsawMember Posts: 1,391

      Didn't ww2o have a free trial already, or does this one not require a CC ?


  • ZaceZace KirkhamMember Posts: 77

    I think they USED to have a 7 day trial, but this is 14 days AND with a discount.  So MUCH better deal.

    (No I dont play it yet - but may well give it a go now)


  • tysonj25tysonj25 becket, MAMember Posts: 66 Uncommon

     If there was any game that should have gone FTP long ago this one is it! 

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