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ganuskaganuska Houston, TXPosts: 11Member Common

Metin has its good points but after playing for over a year-folks need to no it is not as good as the hype says!  im an experienced player of many yrs and dont comment  or cry about a game. Metin need massive work on their questing system-their drop rates and item,especially in regards to Lin's quests! It make this game a very  tiresome  experience. To have drops for a lvl1-15 being given to lvl50 and above makes u want nothing from a kill. To make pvp(i do not pvp only in defence) part of game-then punish those that do by over taxing hostile killer points is wrong. And most important to not change and respect ur indo and advise from ur player base is very wrong. They support game! and no im not quiting-loyality to guild and friends. for now i hope for change and will just live with!

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