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The Star Wars IP

Raiz1Raiz1 Phoenix, AZPosts: 177Member

I think we can all put into perspective the scope that Lucas Arts has on the Star Wars IP. It has been widely accepted by many that their ties with SWG will break and the laughing stock of the MMO genre will finally die.

But I can't help but to look at the bravado that LA has when it comes to products from the Star Wars world and think that they'd actually be looking to keep both titles on the market. That is an unprecedented step towards maybe the next generation of gaming.

One IP, two MMOs. I realize EQ kind of put the stamp on this with EQ2, but my concern is with a more mainstream audience being introduced to MMOs and refreshing the rank and file of MMO gamers with new faces.

I'm excited at the opportunity to see some sort of progression in the current gaming culture that will come with those new faces.

Here's to TOP doing well, it may just be what the industry needs. It may also untie SOE's hands and allow them to re-create pre-cu content to draw players who won't play TOP but want a star wars mmo that isn't the NGE. There are several different directions this whole program could take.

My hope as a gamer is that LA/BioWare/SOE all take the spectrum of customers they have into consideration in the months and years to come.


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