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So impressed by BS posts already flourishing some hours after...

Funny how scarce the actual infos were and hundreds of posts are already here with retarded polls, ludicrous crystall ball speculation, whining and off-topic comments, reinventing the mmo wheel every two seconds.


Recipe: If you like solid information, best decision is to avoid any forums, check out official interviews, official dev reports and consistent fansites every 2 months. That way you'll spare a shitload of time for better things (like playing) and actually know better about the game than pollers/retards/hypers/trolls/fanbois/geeks who'll spend 1-2 years every day spewing their senseless and worthless opinions on this game.


Thanks god devs are emphasizing the solo aspects of mmos more and more, who would like to group and chat with 90 % of mmorpg community, judging by their enlightened posts here


  • Mr_PeabodyMr_Peabody Los Angeles, CAPosts: 30Member

    Or you could just stop hating and celebrate the good news.

  • VallenarVallenar Madison, WIPosts: 124Member

    I am celebrating the announcement by laughing at all the silly posts on the official forums already.

    People are already yelling at the devs to do this and don't do that, the game has been official for less than 24 hours and already people are ranting.

    So yeah, I'm celebrating that we are going to have an MMO with awesome story, tons of content, and at least what seems to be a very nice blend of single player and multi-player action.

    I just hope Bioware is ignoring anyone who want to turn this into SWG2 with sandbox style play and no Jedi.


  • templargatemplarga Atlanta, GAPosts: 1,964Member

    Yeah, I agree. I think 99% of these posts are humorous and idiotic at the same time. People are speculating about the game and play style; population; goals and strategy; type of PVP; and many other things. It is WAY too earlier to do so and people only make themselves look foolish by doing so. Sure its fine to be curious and say things like "I am curious what type of PVP will this game have?"; it is something else to say "OMG! The pvp in this game is going to suck because it has WOW graphics".

    I also find it funny that many of the old, scorned SWG crowd are freaking out because this isn't SWG 2. I am sorry but where did Bioware say that would be the game they were making? I saw nothing that even hinted at a "sandbox" game. People should have known that Bioware would make a STORY-driven game because that is what they specialize with.

    And judging by the community's reaction, I am all for a story driven, solo oriented game.

  • CrusaderXCrusaderX Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 3Member

    They are quite Jar-Jar like in their stupidity, aren't they? 

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