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Who is the best mercenary?

YuramikoYuramiko ParisPosts: 176Member

I'm just having a survey on who' who is the best mercenary available in game? As of now I can say that swordman, spearman and shaman is the purrfect combination. Now what is yours? I'm currently planning to create a new character, so help me out ayt?


  • depressedelfdepressedelf MakatiPosts: 4Member

    For me, the best mercenary is the shaman! Shaman are there to heal your party and healers are very important, right?  But, since you already have one... How about a gunner or archer? That way you have a long-ranged mercenary and attack (somewhat) pesky flying creatures.

  • Kurikura-sanKurikura-san New York, NYPosts: 19Member

    I do agree with you, shaman in a party is quite important since of its ability. A healer on a group is quite a big help since you can now help out your own mercenaries and does not depend too much too healing items.


  • hebitrapikhebitrapik LA, CAPosts: 9Member

    You can try a gunner, it can hit 2-3 characters as long as they are in the same column. Very useful when you are fighting a boss. Plus a combination of your swordman and spearman, that would be great. Just my thoughts.

  • lawliet777lawliet777 SingaporePosts: 11Member

    I guess it depends on the pilot who uses the character, because each character has strength and weaknesses. But for opinion's sake, gunner would be a great mercenary. I got one and so far, she hasn't failed me. Always helping me attack those who are at the last row of the enemy's formation.

  • conqistadorconqistador akihabaraPosts: 237Member

    eventually when you get to PVP you will understand the importance of the stunner builds...   combonation of gunners and artilleries are important to stun enemeies.. you will not feel this early on or even in PVEs but as you level up and bosses get tougher and fighting in PVP becomes common place.. mercs that can stun on AoE is definitely the way to go

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