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POLL: Rate the game

DesetesDesetes brampton, ONPosts: 88Member Uncommon

Now that it's out, how do you feel?


  • URMAKERURMAKER NOLAPosts: 652Member Uncommon

    8.5 for me.  i don't really have any problems or issues with the game other than the crafting needs some work. they're hotfixing stuff every single day and are adding new features as well so as far as a newly released mmo i'd say its really looking good.


  • RdlabanRdlaban HokksundPosts: 396Member Uncommon

     Gave it a 6.


    Redo crafting and make it interesting. I dont see the point other than  getting bags full of pots and drink it like mage water in that other game.


    Animations need a little work. Try to use an ability while knowbacked and you know what i mean. and after getting to level 19(wow I am a fast leveler; should really get a life) I feel like I have seen them all.


    Third; make it easier to understand the aspects of the game, what they give(why the h*** should my fraction own a keep). 

    Prob more but to late to post:)



  • NewhopesNewhopes hullPosts: 458Member

    Under 6 for me the more I played the more boring it got. haven't even logged in for 2 days now.

  • IcoGamesIcoGames Boston, MAPosts: 2,360Member

    6.5 here; As I've been stating WAR is 'ok' right now.  WAR's off to a decent start though given recent releases.

    Top Improvements I'd like to see:

    1.  Performance - this is natural at release to some extent, but the game should (and, hopefully will) run a bit better given the graphics load.

    2.  PvE - I know I know, this is a PvP game.  Imo though, if you're going to make a themepark mmo you need a decent PvE game to help explain and immerse players in the lore.  If all I wanted was an instanced PvP game, then I'd stick with playing games like BF2 or even GW.

    3.  Get players out of scenarios and into the world.  RvR is the focus of this game, but I haven't had a compelling reason to really play RvR because I'm usually the only one standing in the zone with hat in hand.

    Oh, cruel fate, to be thusly boned. Ask not for whom the bone bones. It bones for thee.

  • Ngeldu5tNgeldu5t PhoenixPosts: 608Member Uncommon

    I voted 6.5

     I love the game,the overall design is well done but some  region looks meh,

    1.Tor Anroc Scenarios looks like Q3 redux..I wonder what the devs were thinking when they made this map.

    2.Populaton imbalance is another factor as Mythic has hyped Destro too much.

    3.Cross servers??? is a no for me.

    4.Fix that damn 2hrs ctd thing which I find as an immersion break.


    In the land of Predators,the lion does not fear the jackals...

  • TyvolusTyvolus Charlotte, NCPosts: 190Member

    9 -- incredible pvp and PvE is better then good enough.  Loving it so far.  It is one good expansion away and a few patches from possibly being the bestt MMO on the market.

  • GazenthiaGazenthia -, VAPosts: 1,186Member
    Originally posted by Tyvolus

    9 -- incredible pvp and PvE is better then good enough.  Loving it so far.  It is one good expansion away and a few patches from possibly being the bestt MMO on the market.


    ^ Took the words out of my mouth :)

    Sadly, I see storm clouds on the horizon. A faint stench of Vanguard is in the air.-Kien

  • LidaneLidane Austin, TXPosts: 2,300Member Common

    No game is perfect, so a 10 is out of the question.

    Right now, I'd say that WAR gets an 8. I'm enjoying myself, but there are graphical glitches I've run into, like my Archmage's spell effects stacking and not going away, making my character glow so brightly I have to log out and log back in so I can see my toon again, or the occasional hiccup where a spell animation doesn't end.

    Overall, though, it's a solid, fun game that is different enough that it holds my interest. I've played both Order and Destruction and while I love my Zealot, Witch Elf and Shaman, I've had more fun lately playing Order in PvP just because of the challenge involved.

    I had no interest in WAR when it was in development. I never really did much PvP in any previous MMO I played, since random and repeated ganking sucks and the immature asshole PK's that I usually found in a PvP environment drove me away from it entirely. And I don't know much of anything about the Warhammer universe at all. But I agreed to try it when my boyfriend suggested playing the open beta, and I've found that I'm having fun. I'll be renewing when the free month is up.

    It's not perfect, and there's always room for improvement in a game, but WAR is a solid 8 with room to grow.


  • GhistGhist Muskoka, ONPosts: 275Member

    Given you should know where I am coming from....

    I loved WoW, hated AoC.  Knew that Vanguard would be buggy as hell and stayed away.  Hated DnD Online.

    here's what I think..

    Very little instances are a plus.  Graphics while not game breaking are reasonable.  I haven't had any huge bugs but am kicked off every once in a while.  Lag does seem to fairly common.  Crafting is terrible with Talisman Making and Cultivation being time sinks with little reward compared to Alchemy and Butchering, Salvaging and Scavaging.  Chat interface is weak but not as bad as AoC.  Gameplay is solid with class balance close but still needing work.  PQs are fun.  PVP is good. RVR still needs a little work due to Order/Destruction population balance.  Doesn't have the roll play that AoC or WoW has.  Content is there, just not totally exciting.

    Overall great game for the casual player, not the huge time sink of WoW.  I give it a 7, once the minor bugs and lag issues sort out will probably be 8 to 8.5

    Waiting for the next thing

  • wozzuwozzu tucson, KYPosts: 109Member

    Hmmm, looks like you really love it, really hate it or are really ambivalent about it. :)

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