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Wishful thinking: Scavenging + Talisman Crafting?

WarmakerWarmaker San Diego, CAPosts: 2,234Member Uncommon

When I had the chance to choose, I was about to go Scavenger (looting weird items off bodies) and Apothecary (pots, etc).

But I figured Talisman crafting would be a decent alternative, since I figured Apothecaries would be a dime a dozen.

The problem I'm having with this mix is I can't seem to salvage components like I could for apothecary.  For every Talisman-centric item I salvage, I can get x10 more with apothecary components.

For the players that have progressed further with Scavenging + Talisman, is it viable later or am I on a vain hope?

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  • cukimungacukimunga Dacono, COPosts: 2,259Member

    I use Magical Salvaging for Talisman making. 

  • JeauseoffJeauseoff Standish, MEPosts: 36Member



    From MY experience so far, you have a MUCH better rarity 'drop rate' for Scavenging than you do from Apothecary, (at least w/ regard to Curios which is integral to Talisman Crafting, but you DO find above average waters and soils with Scavenging as well.)  Whereas with Scavenging + Talisman Crafting combo you'll find much better curio items, (I found numerous Blues and Purples even in 2nd Chapter areas,) you will still absolutely NEED either an alt or a contact w/ the Salvaging skill to get ahold of better essences needed for Talisman Crafting, (beyond the crappy ones supplied by the vendors and you can't acquire shards by any other means either, so far as I have seen.)

    A friend of mine has gone the Cultivation + Apothecary route and w/ my Scavenging skill I find much better water and soil for his crafting skill than he can through vendors or regular mob looting.  I've found that all the gathering skills feed nicely into each of the crafting skills in one fashion or another, and I think that that interdependency will require a lot more interaction among players if they want to be successful in their craft, (kudos to Mythic for that, IMO.)


    At any rate, Talisman Crafting and Scavenging is as good a combo of skills as any other, but don't think that you can be great at your craft without making friends with some of the folks who are pursuing the other gathering skills, because they'll be able to get ahold of better ingredients for your craft than you can with just your one gathering skill.






    Hope this bit of ranting was helpful in some way. 

  • UrrellesUrrelles Vallejo, CAPosts: 574Member

    In the little tool tip pops that come up whil playing, it will tell you scavenging, butchering, and cultivatio gives you a lot of ingredients for Apothecary.  However each gathering skill will give you a few compenents to use on both crafting skills.

    Scavenging has gotten me quite a few rare and even epic components for talismen making.  But it has not given me any basic objects for the proffession.  You will have to into salvaging to get those basic objects unfortunately.

  • VolkmarVolkmar EspooPosts: 2,501Member Uncommon

    You need magic salvaging to obtain the Fragments that are the main ingredients of the talisman making.

    Salvaging also give you essences, that is one of the side ingredients for talisman making ("side" is a bit misleading here as ALL are required for making one talisman, not like apothecary where they are optional).

    So making talismans without salvaging or without access to a friend with salvaging is simply impossible.

    You can do without scavenging instead, at least at first, as the vendor will sell you everything you need for your talisman making BESIDE the fragments.

    I found talisman making quite harder to level up than apothecary, as you get several seeds just from about killing anyone... AND the vendor sells them.. so that you can level up the skills even just by money... for a while at least.

    "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime"

  • trozyxxxtrozyxxx GlasgowPosts: 249Member Uncommon

    Im finding myself screwed a little bit, iv lvled my potions up to 41 but with my scavenging lvl so high (80+)im looting lvl 50+ stuff, going back to kill lower lvl things doesnt work, i think i might need to roll an alt :(

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