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Better Chat functions

ToddrulesToddrules Warhammer Online CorrespondentColumbia, MDPosts: 19Member

I love this game, had a ton of fun playing it so far but I do have one complaint. The chat system. It bothers me that you cant invite players to a party or send them a tell by right click on their name in the chat window. Also I wish we could link items in chat, when new guild members get some sweet loot, they should be able to show it off. This is the only thing I wish was better in this game. If they could copy over WoW's chat, then i would be a happy camper.

I know it's a relativly small thing in the grand scheme but I would like to see them improve upon it. Great game overall, if any of you make it to Wasteland server hit up Tdizzle and we can pound some dwarfs. Dirty stunties!



  • CoyoteturkeyCoyoteturkey Lewisville, TXPosts: 102Member

    I agree with you, but do keep in mind this is a easy fix. If you remember Age of Conan has the same issues and was updated not long after release. I imagine Warhammer will follow the same path. Let's hope at least.


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