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Best Solo Class?

JquikJquik Omaha, NEPosts: 130Member

I actually made a thread bashing this game once they came out with the first few GU's because I didn't see much of a difference, but I'm giving it another try since Warhammer dissapointed me. VG is my last chance for a good MMO this year. However since the population is still a bit low I don't really want to make a group-dependant class on the Isle of Dawn because of that.

What class would you say is the best solo class?

I heard Bards and Warriors are good, but could be way off.



  • OrphesOrphes TrePosts: 3,048Member Uncommon

    Bards really are fun.

    But cleric is a good soloer, maybe not the best. But I guess there is always room for one in griuop anyway.

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  • cloudvaultercloudvaulter Douglaville, GAPosts: 25Member Uncommon

    Hmm-which class is good for solo play?  Honestly most are.  I too have heard that a bard is a great class that has alot of diversity and is also a sought after class for groups.  There is also the necromancer-arguably one of the best solo classes available.  Rangers are very good solo and fairly diverse in abilities.  Clerics, paladins, monks, and desciples have all good abilities that can allow for a solo player to advance without trouble.  Only two that I have heard as being tough are the blood mage and the rogue.  Both however are well sought for groups. 

    I think the most important thing would be to decide what sort of play style interests you and then take things from there.  I personally play a ranger as I love the lore behind the class.  Makes for game emersion that much greater for me.  Go with what you would like and then when choose-you wont go wrong as VG has awesome class balance and uniqueness.  Each has something to offer to the soloist or to the groupist.  Best of luck and hope you enjoy your time.

  • eugameugam somewhere town, ARPosts: 984Member Uncommon

    Most classes do well at soloing.


    If you want to be on the safe side look at the healers.


    The clerics are the warrior type of healer with sword and board and plate armor.

    The bloodmage ist a healing mage caster

    The disciple is a close combat martial arts healer

    The shaman is a pet healer with close combat and caster abilities.


    They all have their special abilities like cloud walk, invisibility, feign dead and so on.

    Vanguard can be fun, because 4 different healers as group do well without a tank. Disciple, cleric and shaman are able to tank ok. Due to the low pop we team with whatever we find and we have fun ;) You see, its really hard to pick a class that isnt suitable for soloing and grouping.

  • CereoCereo Arlington, TXPosts: 551Member

    All classes are wanted and needed in groups and all but blood mage and rogue are good for solo. Necromancer is very good for solo and so is bear shaman. But really, as long as you don't go BM or rogue, you can play solo no problem.

  • eq1gamereq1gamer Norrath, AZPosts: 1Member

    Necro is the best solo class imo. DK, Shaman and Monk are good as well.

  • goreckigorecki Ballwin, MOPosts: 45Member


    Great damage & unbeatable CC, snares, invisibility.  Powerful nukes & dots.  Makes most 3-4 dot mobs trivial.  Can't be snared?  Movement speed boost and speed kite.  I could routinely take on multipe 3 & 4 dots with no difficulty.

    Oh and the best part:  Thought Thief.  Instead of causing damage w/ nukes, you get it back as mp.  Run out of mp?  CC a mob, then nuke your way to full mp!  You don't break CC since you're not doing damage, either.

    Good stuff.

  • KarmatronKarmatron BrisbanePosts: 34Member

    As an above poster said, Psionicist's have the best fun-solo balance. Infact, It's cruel and unfair( For the enemy). But if you're a new(ish even) player the DK is pretty much king.

  • iZakaroNiZakaroN SofiaPosts: 719Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Jquik

    What class would you say is the best solo class?


    Its better to ask witch is best party class, becasue with solo play you can gain only levels but not equipment that is much more important.

    Because of this I highly recommend a some Tank class. This way you will have no problem finding parties. What I have heared is that Paladins are one of the best for that purpose. 

    If you still think about great solo class you can go Blood mage. Play with him is very difficult and risky but also its very fun its and is one of the best solo class.

    With my 38-42 lvl BMG I have grinded all Arena rewards. Killing all 3,4 and even the 5 dot main boss ( designed for full group ) was no big problem. Now on lvl 48 I AOE grind 4 NPC, 2dots and 2 NPC, 3dots my lvl without any problem. You just must have nice equipement.

    For that purpose you need a equal lvl Tailor and much money, or just to party for reward in dungeons. And finding party as BMG is not so difficult becasue you are both good dps and healer.


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  • YausYaus OsakaPosts: 14Member

    In Vanguard it is best  to make friends and organize groups. But, there are some some people that still enjoy soloing.

    I actually soloed my warrior to about 35 before I started duo-ing and eventually grouping (in the mid-40's).

    Soloing the way I did takes a long time!!! Especially with a warrior.

    I love my warrior but for soloing I would first suggest a class that can heal and then as a second choice Id suggest a class that can kite.

    Best )cleric, shaman, blood mage, disciple, paladin, dread knight, Necromancer, Druid

    Second Best) Psionicist, Ranger, Sorcerer, Bard

    Not as good) Monk, Warrior, Rogue

  • Random_mageRandom_mage Puyallup, WAPosts: 1,093Member Uncommon

    Best solo Class.. DRUID.  you have PETS, Roots, dots, and healing (no rez)

    But.. I wouldn't level a druid to 50 again.  Because.. at 50.. druids aren't needed for groups.  What are needed are the basic classes.  tanks, DPS, healers (pure healers than rez).. not hybrid classes.

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  • boojiboyboojiboy Hudson, WIPosts: 1,548Member Uncommon

    I'd say Dread-Knight.  A tank as a soloer can push into and survive in places that a caster soloer can't.  I saw a level 50 Dread-Knight take down a Sand-Giant toe-to-toe..... a very skilled DK though.  A druid might be able to do that, but they'd have to kite huge distances.

    So much depends on the mob.  A disciple can just destroy a Spark in APW.  And a cleric can win-out over a named Mini-boss spark as well.

    But leveling up-wise, I'd say Dread-Knight, mostly due to the various life taps.

  • DrSpankyDrSpanky Riverside, CAPosts: 341Member

    Well, this is bad news for me. I was realy enjoying my hafling rogue!

    Since the game has a low population, I would imagine that soloing is pretty important. Maybe I'll look for a guild.

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