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Gamestop is trying to screw me from my CE.

gan3fgan3f kt, BCPosts: 280Member Uncommon

So here it is from the start.

it all started a few months ago when i started calling around to EB,gamestop all the places that sold the CE to find out if they had any. Gamestop said come on in we have a few left and i got him to put 2 aside until i got there. so i got there got all the Pre-order codes for CE and paid for the pre-order and left. All seemed great,Got home put in the codes and everything is working great, says i got CE Pre-order and all that stuff in my account info.

well today for some reason i had a feeling to call and see when they might get them released and if they are doing a midnight release or anything. Well heres the kicker he said well they are only getting 7 of them in store and they are all bought, i informed him that i preorded and have in the past few weeks gone back and paid in full for both copies (kept my receipts). he said thats not possible since all the copies are called for (guess instore/friends) he told me to come in with my receipts and he will refund and change my order to SE.

so now iam pissed off and i can't go down there since iam out of the country for work, so i have to send the GF in hopeing she won't cave and get screwed out of my 2 copies.  


  • salty23salty23 Glen Ellyn, ILPosts: 29Member Uncommon

    Call back tomorrow and talk to the manager.  I am sure you just talked to one of the dumber employees who doesn't know what he is talking about.

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