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gankfest on steroids.....

iceman00iceman00 Westland, MIMember Posts: 1,363

Is what the new proposed changes are imo.  Basically they want pvp instances where all nations are fighting each other in one gigantic free for all death match.

The problems with such a concept?

If you thought 9 on 6 was bad, just wait til you see 3 factions with 18 ships total gank the other faction with only 6 players.  If the outnumbered mechanic stays on, it can become a 21 on 6.

Given such incentives, you really think heavy ships will come out?  I've got a dauntless getting ready to be made.  Bad as 9 on 6 is, I can probably survive that and get away.  A potential 21 on 6 or 18 on 6?  Yeah right.  While there's not a huge chance such would happen, it's all about the appearance of such.  And the simple fact if it does happen you are screwed.  Expect PvP to once again be nothing but light ships.  (Which being a freetrader would make me god, but still not a great idea lol.)

How about contention?  With reinforcements, and this new mechanic, flipping ports will literally take forever with an immense risk, and not really much reward. 

I see almost no incentives in the new system, and an incredible amount of drawbacks.  If your a ganker of course, this is a wet dream.  What about everybody else?


  • pdxgeekpdxgeek San Francisco, CAMember Posts: 585

    It might have worked if each server had a healthy and balanced population but considering the state of the game right now it will be a disaster.

  • olddaddyolddaddy Brighton, MIMember Posts: 3,356

    okay, so, like, I'm tracking the hurricanes as they come through the Bahamas.

    Like, man, why are they moving so slow, don't they know it takes only 2 minutes to sail from the Bahamas to the Florida coast, and like 20 minutes to sail across the entire Carribbean?

    Hurricanes are such noobs.....



  • KaiserjagerKaiserjager ZagrebMember Posts: 100

    Eh, does it really matter?

    The only good thing in POTBS is ship to ship combat and even that can be discussed due to pseudo magic skills.

    Everything else is poorly made and poorly designed.

    The game has so many problems that nothing short of a miracle will make it into a working product.


  • burdock2burdock2 CanberraMember Posts: 420 Uncommon

    Well, they are coming up on their fist anniversary (22nd Jan 09) and I imagine they would have something special planned - such as 1000s of bug fixes, pvp and ganking fixes and a proper epic storyline for avatar combat - (I predict they will publish version 2.0 as thier 1 year anniversary!)

  • buegurbuegur Belle Fourche, SDMember Posts: 451 Uncommon

    Game fairly bug free in my opinion, but they sure need some help in the RvR/PvP areas!

  • olddaddyolddaddy Brighton, MIMember Posts: 3,356

    What is interesting is the amount of discussion on the forums about seeing each other in WAR at the end of the month. Over on the developers side, Rusty is busy hinting away at a new project, as well as saying that, becuase they had an unusual business model they did not take a bath on POTBS.

    From the talk it appears that it's over......kaput.


  • bvewwerbvewwer las vegas, NVMember Posts: 8

    Its on SOE though, will probably still be available for a long time.  It would be cool if they shut down and let folks run their own servers.

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  • tikboitikboi california, ARMember Posts: 243

    i agree. no change at all, i was hoping sumthin different but heck! this is not my forte. to h3ll with those kids. the total ship gank consist of 6 players, can increase yet so naive to do it unfinished. nice concept though u think?

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