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IGG says to not install their games on C: drive if you have Vista...

t0yb0xt0yb0x Somewhere over there..., ONPosts: 201Member

Could anyone tell me why they'd say this?

I was planning to give Zu Online a try, but it says to not install the game to the C drive if you have Vista. Well, my laptop only have C on it and I'm not planning to partition. I poked around the site, but their forums are down so I cannot ask there.

So if anyone has an answer, please share. Seems a bit odd that pretty much all the IGG games have this same "warning".



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  • ObliviuzeObliviuze DrammenPosts: 12Member

    Hi there!

    I think it is because the game has a slight chance of crashing or not run properly, if it's installed on the C drive.. At least that's what I read some time ago..

  • ElgarLElgarL BristolPosts: 191Member Uncommon

    My guess would be more along the lines of....

    The games are not written to run under Vista, therefore they save data to their program folders. If you install them on your C drive the Vista UAC will stop them from writing data when playing.

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  • BogSvarogBogSvarog AucklandPosts: 98Member

    Simply fixed by the prompt when you start the launcher. What choice do Vista users have? To make a partition? What stupid moron would make a customer creat a partition just to play a game? Anywho, I installed it under C, and have had no problems, though the first time I started the game, it stopped responding for a few seconds, then came back.

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