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Can it be done?

Will hello kitty beat warhammer?




  • yingdongyingdong Boston, MAPosts: 7Member

    Very funny, I just think the whole thing is both amazing and funny! I'm a big fan of Kitty Online and I really hope everyone gives it a fair shot and plays it without all the prejudices that seem to surround this place.

  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,939Member Rare

    I don't know about Warhammer but I will do my part to get Shadow of Legend off that list.

    She was grimacing. "That does sound like what America's has been trying to do for the last century or two--get rich faster than the parasites could steal it."   The Free Lunch by Spider Robinson
  • crazy_quistycrazy_quisty TaipeiPosts: 18Member

    I think there's no point in comparing the two because Warhammer is very much different from HKO.

    Hey, don't be angry, just voicing out my opinion.

  • Dodo385Dodo385 SplitPosts: 12Member

    I totally agree. HKO has revolutionary “Real Combat” engine.

    Hello Kitty Online – Sanrio Adventures is an Online Social RPG scheduled for Windows in the first half of 2009.

    A mix of a deep, story-driven single-player experience and a massive and light-hearted multiplayer end-game brings forth the ultimate representation of the Hello Kitty Online.

    Now you can enter the cheerful domain of the world’s greatest fantasy heroes.


    In HKO the players will encounter a cartoony, lush, eye-catching and joyfull universe, presented in fantastic graphics and stunning 7.1 surround audio.

    In a world filled with activities to choose from, mythical creatures, lost civilizations and a struggling human race, the mighty Hello Kitty has finally seized the throne as queen of Sanrio universe.

    But Kitty’s rule is on the brink of chaos, spiraling towards the doom of ancient evils.


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