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Tibia,.....Any good dungeons?

danuisdanuis New york, NYPosts: 7Member

I've played tibia.its good.


But,i ask one thing to you other players.. is this a good Dungeon crawler to?



  • BuplerBupler Hsin-ChuPosts: 5Member

    Yea, if your are free account, you can go to the Fibula Rotworm cave, Mount Sternum, Sternum Underground, Outside Plains of Havoc (for low level, inside for high level 60+), Outside Orc Fortress (same as POH) or the Venore Dragon Liar if you are over level 100.
    If you are premium account, you can go to Ank and hunt in all the larvae or scarab caves (or ancient scarab if you are level 50+), darashia/liberty bay rotworm, Edron Hero Cave (very high level or in a team for deeper parts), Cyclopolis, GS Tomb and much more.
    If you are a Tibia addict and have money to spare, I seriously recommend buying premium as it can greatly benefit a player. <Mod edit>

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