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Rohan Online - New Events (Huge maps and pvp)

MagelanceMagelance Downingtown, PAPosts: 26Member

A review can be found here.

Rohan online is a great game for any gamer looking for a f2p game. The grind is awful right now, but the gms are in a testing phase and the exp rates will be increased soon. This was one of the main reason a lot of people quit, the exp rates. The item mall makes up for the exp rates a bit with 100% exp scrolls and 200% exp scrolls, but the overall rate is being worked on so users do not have to rely on the item mall.

The battle scenes/animations aren't bad at all. It's actually a game where you won't be embarassed to play in front of your friends. Aoe is probably the best way to level up in this game. If you solo without scrolls, you will find the progression to take some time.

Quests are pretty fun. They have repeatable quests to make a quick 30-40k per 10 minutes or you can try a chain quest where the rewards get bigger and bigger, but the bosses to the quest are incredibly difficult and require 30-40 high levels to defeat the boss.

Pvp is intense. There are Mini township battles every monday tuesday thursday and friday that you can compete in against other guilds for a reward. Usually a nice hat with +500 hp +50 magic defense and +50 physical defense. Also another hat with +100 magic attack +100 physical attack and +100 ranged attack all on one hat. Mainly the mini townships are for guilds who lost the Main township, which is every saturday. The guild who wins get to set the tax for that area. The main township has 3 towns guilds can take over. The really higher upper guilds try to take 2 or 3 towns and it becomes challenging to do so! Again, if you love pvp, this game is definetly for you. Open pvp is anywhere after level 30. So if a party kill steals you, go pk them. People who die have a chance of dropping an item from inventory. But be careful, if you kill 11 white names, you will go RED. If you die RED, you have a 75% chance of dropping an equipped item! This game has lots of potential, the exp rates will be increased so players who quit cause of poor exp rates should come back soon! By the way, to pk someone else, hold down control and than attack them. If you hit escape, you don't have to hold down control to attack.

Best class to play for pve or to level fast is a mage. Archer is good if you go ranger so you can pull for groups. Dekan is most played class so you'll have trouble finding a party. Dhan also will have trouble finding party but they are good for solo. Defender are most needed class and guardian not many want in party, but they hit highest damage in game. Go to the forums for builds. For a warlock, go 3 int 1 vit. For a wizard go 2 psy 1 int 1 vit.

Events - Gms have been focusing a lot on new events and the community is slowly creeping back. So far, they have done hide and seek events where you can win item mall items and pvp tournaments. Another event that is being issued is a Game parlor event where you can win rare items if lucky on a slot machine. Several events planned in september. Rohan hasn't mass advertised yet so the population is still pretty low, but they will full fledge advertise soon so the game will continue more and more fun.

Exchange Market-  Rohan has a unique feature on their game where you pay $5.00 to setup an exchange account and once your account is setup you can buy and sell items, gold, or characters. So, say your a late starter and build up some rps by selling items on the exchange market, guess what you can do? Buy a higher level character for rps. It seems earrings and glasses sell for the most if +20 or higher stat (over 2000 rps)

Consignment shop - Another unique feature is in-game. Rohan has a consignment shop feature where you place an item in the shop for a price and pay a small fee. This item will sit in the consignment shop for 24 hours or until someone purchases it. It eliminates having to setup a kiosk or shop in town. So you can grind and sell items with this consignment shop. It also helps when trying to find good weapons or items.

Forging/refining/deleveling - Rohan enables you to combine to armors or weapons into one with better stats. For weapons, you can combine 2 weapons and use an option stone to make it better. Like you can increase attack speed on a weapon, damage, etc. For armor, you can increase hp, mp, etc when making an enchanted armor. For deleving, it enables you to use a higher level weapon. For example, say you are level 30 and find a 35 weapon. Well, go to the Level refiner in town and delevel it 5 times! Warning, if you try to delevel a weapon more than 15, it can break! Anything under 15 won't break. Status refiner allows you to remove a stat from a weapon. Say a weapon has 100 dexterity and you have no dex to equip, go to Status refiner and refine off that dex so you can equip!

The maps are HUGE!! You'll want to buy a mount from the Mount npc in town to adventure faster and farther. It has over 30 maps that are huge! That doesn't include all the dungeons it has

There is many dungeons in rohan. All of these dungeons have many mini bosses and main bosses. Main bosses usually take 20-30 people to kill it , but these bosses also drop special items. So if you're ever bored, get your guild to go on boss hunts as they are challenging and very fun!

Fishing system in rohan is very fun. In order to fish, you'll need to buy a fishing rod at fishing npc and than all you need to do is place a weapon or armor in bait slot. When you finish you have a chance of finding better armors or weapons so take advantage of the fishing system! Also, if you find a rainbow trout fishing, you can sell it for 2-3 mil! Become instantly rich! Finding one of those things is like 1 in 1 million lol so good luck.

This game may be another korean grinder, but if you LOVE PKING others, this game is DEFINETLY for you. Right now, this is the best pvp game out. I tried runes of magic and secret online, I did not like the FEEL of controls. Rohan controls are so user friendly and comfortable.

Best server to play is probably Marea.

Quick message for the GMS there about the population rates dropping significantly.

For instance, the servers used to be full all the time right. Then, the gms updated gameguard and they went down a bit. about 3-4 days later, the servers went back up. Than the gms did something else to gamguard and many bots disappeared.

Also, someone mentioned the bot program went p2p thats why we lost a lot of players.

RedRyder also said a huge gold farming network was completely wiped out and banned.

So factor all that in and slowly we will have a great game soon.

That's not to mention that this game was basically advertised by "word of mouth." Once the gms start mass advertising, the population will rise to higher levels and the gaming environment will be a better place. Gms are also discussing if exp rates should be raised and iBux also mentioned in another post that a new event with forging/refining rates being increased may come (I forgot where he mentioned.)

Compared to other games who take no stance against botters, I applaud all the gms for their hard work and this game will only get better in the months to come. I have ripped ynk in the past, but as an mmorpg player for 10 years, I think they do a great job.

I mean we have live support to instantly get a gm and get them to ban someone. I even got a gm at 3 am in the morning who banned a group of 6 level 80s.

Keep up the good work gms and hopefully once the mass advertising starts, the fun will begin. I mean compare this to other mmorpgs? Look at the size of the maps in rohan! HUGE!


Videos can be found here.

Township Battle -

Class Intro -

Highest damage dealer -



You may download from filefront or any main site.;10280461;/fileinfo.html

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  • xephonicsxephonics plainville, GAPosts: 672Member Common

    It is mediocre at best imho.

    The exp rate change will help, but it is still a grinder at heart.

    For f2p I guess it is ok, but I guess I don't care for f2p grindbased games anyways.


    The gameplay can get rather boring, since the game is mostly buff based, and you dont really get a lot of skills to use.  The fact that you can basically buy and sell characters/items using cash shop money is a bit odd as well.  And the devs seem to care way more about updating the cash shop items than they do about fixing bugs and listening to player requests.  But it is a business so that is the way it goes I guess.


    This game is about a 6.5 out of 10 for me.  Definately not a game to write home about, but it might make a good 2nd or 3rd game to kill time with.


    Last time I was in it there was a HUGE bot/exploit problem - it even rivaled L2's old bot problem.  ?I've read they lowered the amounts of bots, but I'd have to see it to beleieve it - but I dont plan on wasting my time logging in again.


    Personally I'd just rather fork out $15 a month for a real game than play a half-ass free game.  But I have that choice, and others do not.

    My god has horns.... nah, I don't think he is real either.

  • themiltonthemilton Denton, TXPosts: 353Member
    Originally posted by xephonics

    This game is about a 6.5 out of 10 for me.  Definately not a game to write home about, but it might make a good 2nd or 3rd game to kill time with.
     I've picked it up as a second game - mainly as a way to have fun with an irl friend who lives across the state. Has a quick load, and as long as I'm soloing (which is most of the time) the grind factor actually is a benefit because I can hop on, kill a few whatevers, and log off.
    Last time I was in it there was a HUGE bot/exploit problem - it even rivaled L2's old bot problem.  ?I've read they lowered the amounts of bots, but I'd have to see it to beleieve it - but I dont plan on wasting my time logging in again.
     My experience has been rather limited so far, but I haven't noticed a huge bot problem. I'll occasionally see the a constant chat spammer, but that's easily ignored.


    The less you expect, the more you'll be surprised. Hopefully, pleasantly so.

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