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Asheron's Call: 100th Update launches

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

Turbine has announced the launch of the landmark 100th update for Asheron's Call, which adds a new faction system, new PvP options, 8th level spells, new areas and more.

Greetings and welcome to the 100th content update for Asheron’s Call! This is a special time for all of here at Turbine, having reached this most incredible milestone. With this update we wanted to make sure we did something special for the players. For the longest time, the one thing we have been asked for was an Elder Game system. So with this update, we are giving players the beginnings of that system. We are also giving our PvP players something to fight over, with two new PvP controllable towns.

The entire staff here at Turbine is proud to be able to release this update to our players as a small token of our appreciation for everyone who has heard the call over the years. So lets get in to all the new and exciting things coming this month in Asheron’s Call!
Societies are Coming!

A new faction system has been introduced with this update. Players wishing to join one of the three new Societies will speak with one of the Society Recruiters located in the capital cities of Dereth. The Celestial Hand will be in Hebian-to, the Eldrytch Web will be in Cragstone, and the Radiant Blood recruiter will be located in Zaikhal. Once players choose which society they wish to join, they will begin their journey with the initiate quests. The recruiters for each society will have all the details a player will need to make their choice as to which side to join. When a player completes the tasks set out by one of these recruiters, they will be well rewarded and then instructed on how to claim their rewards.

Read more here.


  • tigris67tigris67 New York, NYPosts: 1,783Member Uncommon

    Go Asheron's Call! Its treading water but managing to stay afloat.

    Hi! My name is paper. Nerf scissors, rock is fine.
    MMORPG = Mostly Men Online Roleplaying Girls

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon

    Wow some nice changes... some of which I remember begging for about 4 years ago....

  • Deathstrike2Deathstrike2 Wellston, OHPosts: 1,777Member Uncommon

    If only they'd make an AC3 with updated graphics

  • AlienShirtAlienShirt Crashed Flying SaucerPosts: 621Member Uncommon

    It makes me happy knowing AC1 is still going. It was my first MMORPG (having gotten in toward the end of beta testing) and to this date is still the most fun MMOPRG I have played. And probably the one that brought me the most urges to punch my monitor! Damn corpse runs! Ha. 

  • WolfClawsWolfClaws Arlington, VAPosts: 636Member Uncommon

    Damn, if they only had updated graphics, I would play this again.  I tried it 3 months ago and playing the newer games... well.. the eye candy IS important...So is the content.  But AC has the content, just needs a huge overhaul in the graphics and UI department.

  • bamwallabamwalla MountainsPosts: 157Member Uncommon


    I still play this game when I can... 

  • FireburstFireburst SeafordPosts: 200Member Uncommon

    I miss AC2 tbh. If only they could have ironed out all the bugs instead of shelving it!

  • GoldknyghtGoldknyght Dallas, TXPosts: 1,516Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Fireburst

    I miss AC2 tbh. If only they could have ironed out all the bugs instead of shelving it!


    or released the server as an open source game and let people host and or fix bugs and play the game for free. That is what they should do with all mmos that fail IMO.

  • chrimwinsterchrimwinster dilton marshPosts: 45Member

    Asheron's Call One certainly had the depth it is a pity that there is no AC3 based/similar to it but updated (

    AC2 certainly had some great stuff - but lacking depth and economy shops and dissapointing AC1 players was a great shame.

    Must point out it is a pleasure to read a thread without a winge or flame, obviously AC1 folk are a bit more mature   ))))



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