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Code 12 Error - Help!

Mackaveli44Mackaveli44 Huntington Beach, CAPosts: 281Member Uncommon

Hello everyone,

Well earlier today I was playing a game on my computer when I had to get off for work, I shut off my computer.  when I got back from work I turned on my system, got to the desktop and got a message about windows installing the software for your hardware, it needs to restart for the effects to take effect so I restarted.  Now, My sound is busted and I cannot hear anything.

I went to the device manager to check on my sound card and now my card has a ! on it.  I click it, goto properties and it now says this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use.  Code 12.

I didnt do anything other than turn off my system earlier and this is the very first time ive ever gotten this error.  Ive tried messing around with uninstalling my sound card drivers and reinstalling them but once I restart windows and get to the desktop, windows says its done updating the software for my hardware, restart.  I dont know how to fix this and if I have to take it into the store to get fixed Im just going to do a fresh install of Windows.  That should fix it.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this code 12 error and how I can get my sound back?  Any helps appreciated.


  • Stuka1000Stuka1000 Posts: 950Member Uncommon

    This is normally caused by an error in the NForce chipset with the way it handles PCi devices.  The usual solution is to update the motherboard bios to the latest one available.

  • DarkholmeDarkholme Posts: 1,208Member Uncommon

    Another case-in-point for people turning off Windows Automatic Update and doing system updates manually...

    I should rewrite the guide I have about how to fix driver issues, hmm a project.

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