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Atriarch: Development Update

KoltraneKoltrane Madison, MSPosts: 1,049Member Uncommon

Atriarch's Tuesday update got pushed back a couple of days as a result of, "a high pressure weather system moving in from the North."  It appears the developers rode out the storm and were able to publish the newest update, the subject of which is, "tracking gazillions of unique objects in a single, stable, massive, seamless world."

In a world of what-you-see-is-what-you-get, it is important to track every single object. Take for example the Dubo Plant pictured in the screenshots below.
Since Atriarch is a Physical World, each Dubo Plant you see is physically actually there on the planet of Atriana.
That means to the engine's point of view, each Dubo Plant is unique even though they may look the same to the players.
To manage this massive physical world, World Fusion designed a Unique ID System. For example, each Dubo Plant is given its own Unique ID in the engine.
In fact, each crystal of each Dubo Plant is given its own Unique ID, just like everything physically present on the planet.

You can read the update and find out more about the game at Atriarch's official website.


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