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LF F2P game

bboneheaddbboneheadd MeathPosts: 116Member


So basicly i'm waiting to get a wakfu beta key or open beta and i need to kill some time. Anyone know any decent f2p games that has a fun combat system, good PvE content , PvP, maybe some crafting or non combat skills like fishing, cooking etc. Thanks. 


  • scabzyscabzy parisPosts: 94Member Uncommon

    yes a game called WOKF close enough to wakfu :p, Wokf  " world of kung fu" iv tested it few days ago, i was surprised the game is f2p, and it isnt bad at all,  has everything you are looking for.

  • bboneheaddbboneheadd MeathPosts: 116Member

    thanx, i'l try it out.

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