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KOTOR Timeframe - Options it holds

DominisiDominisi Age of Conan CorrespondentShow Low, AZPosts: 95Member

Trying to stray away from the speculation of what will happen with the development of the KOTOR MMO - The purpose of this thread is to put fowarth all of the different options that BioWare has to work with using the given time frame. Also to put some concepts out there - things that they could be using in the game that would just make sence for the time frame that the game would be based in. There are approximately 24 thousand years of  the "Old Republic" era for BioWare to work with. As you can see with this kind of numbers, the possiblities are endless. There are several major wars - tons of different conflicts between Sith and Jedi, and on top of all of that, there are thousands and thousands of years of gaps here and there where just no story has been developed yet.

This of course opens huge doors for the immersment of PvP AND PvE aspects. Different factions fighting against one another. So on and so fowarth.

Ok, I lied, I can't help but speculate, judging from past games released from BioWare. Lets start with the basis from this game KOTOR.

We had a system in place where you pick what type of character will be to start, then you modified the stats of that character to have them specialize in the field that you wanted them to. I don't know about anybody else here who played KOTOR - but I played through KOTOR II about 4 times, only one of which he was actually weilding a lightsaber. Not to mention most of my other teamates were using ranged, and melee weapons.

Now I'm going to compare the character development of KOTOR, and SWG. In KOTOR you picked from a few main branches, that set up a foundation for your skills, what you would be better at. [PreCU you picked up the foundation skills: Marksman, Brawler, Medic, etc.] Then by training up different skills whenever you leveled, you unlocked more possiblities for your character, you also chose which stats you wanted to put your stat points in. [ Not so similar in SWG, you grinded for skill boxes, however, you chose what skill box you ground for, so it is a similar way of character development.] Not to mention there were repair skills, electronics skills [Can you say crafter?]

So the skill system in SWG and KOTOR weren't ALL that different, just presented differently.

And you of course see the same patterns in NWN.

So now where does this leave us:

First off, we have a huge time frame to work with. Open PvP would just seem logical in the given Old Republic time. Also with this time frame we have a huge potential for PvE stories, maybe some tieing into old KOTOR RPG stories, but probably not. We have a HUGE potential for exploration. The game isn't limited to one country, realm, or world; they have the entire galaxy.

And lastly, if one should infer based on BioWares previous projects, we can expect a beautiful hybrid of self direction in what skills one should take, while at the same time still being able to keep everything in balance with everything else. Based on the crafting system used in KOTOR,  we can infer a player driven economy.

How BioWare will handle PvP is harder to analyze. It would be very unintelligent for BioWare to cank PvP, thats almost the whole appeal of Star Wars, the conflicts that were going on between people.

Now we can only wait, and see what BioWare delivers.


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