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Review of Atlantica (best game ever)

Kevins77Kevins77 Florence, SCPosts: 13Member


I have been extremely impressed by Atlantica. The Graphics are amazing, better than most MMORPG’s that I have tried. There is no shortage of eye candy, including rich and vibrant colors and very details model rendering.


In Atlantica you control more than just a single player. You build up an entire team and control them at the same time. This allows you to add and remove characters as you figure out how you want to manage your team. Atlantica provides several great character classes including Swordsman, Exorcist, Monk, Shaman, Viking, Spartan, Gunner, Archer and many more. These classes change to more advanced classes as they level up.


The turn based fighting style is very enjoyable, and it brings back memories of when the “Final Fantasy” series was at its peek. Most battles seem to have about 5 or 6 monsters so far, but I have been attacked by 20+ monsters and my puny team of 6 had to run away. Hopefully I’ll get more players soon.



You’ll want to join a Guild when you start, giving you many benefits. Such as more storage space, advanced quests, and more items. When the Guild gets big enough you can even take control of a town. With enough money and members you can even control an entire nation!


The World of Atlantica is HUGE, allowing people to play endlessly with new challenges around every corner. Atlantica uses the entire map of the world as the game map, I’ve been playing for several days now and I have only explored the area around Japan and Hong Kong.



Your characters learn much more than simple fighting. You want to have a steady supply of healing potions on hand, but when you get low you don’t have to buy the potions because you can make them yourself. Your character can learn to make almost any item in the game including weapons, armor, food, medicine, catapults, fabric and more...


This is one of the few games that I can truly recommend to all of my friends. Finally a game has come along that can compete with World of Warcraft.


I’m looking forward to seeing what new adventures and features lie in store for the future of Atlantica.



  • MoodsorMoodsor HerningPosts: 685Member Uncommon

    While I agree with you that this is by far the best free 2 play game that ive seen, I do not believe the goal for the game should be to compete with World of Warcraft. Its a nice game that offers a different type of gameplay and therefor wont appeal to everyone, old final fantasy players might find this very enjoyable though.

  • judgebeojudgebeo BCNPosts: 419Member

    Turn based combat???



    Where is the good point on a turn based combat? is slow, and if you have to grind is a "great" (yes Im being sarcastic) Idea, or, if you have to kill lot of oponents, so... you cant move around and use the real time tactics like ktting? ... what is the point in this combat system for a mmorpg?

  • ArckenArcken Chicago, ILPosts: 2,431Member
    Originally posted by judgebeo

    Turn based combat???

    Where is the good point on a turn based combat? is slow, and if you have to grind is a "great" (yes Im being sarcastic) Idea, or, if you have to kill lot of oponents, so... you cant move around and use the real time tactics like ktting? ... what is the point in this combat system for a mmorpg?

    perhaps its different to appeal to different people. Not everyone likes chocolate ice cream, thats just the majority. And we know the majority is always right.


  • xxlilDevilxxxxlilDevilxx Burnaby, BCPosts: 245Member

    I agree with OP with many points, this is the best free to play mmorpg so far. The combat system is new and refreshing.

    Enough with pros, since OP got most of them down, the cons I found so far is the amount of grinding this game have. You fight and fight get 10/10 furs kinda thing with slow battle system. Also the tranlation of the quests are weird.

    Not a bad game for free to play and I suggest people to try it, but this game is not for everyone imho.


  • jinxitjinxit Belfast (Northern Ireland)Posts: 854Member Uncommon

    Viral marketing at its best 10/10 for presentation

    But i do agree it is a bloody good game and very addictive been playing it pretty much non stop since the beta launch and yes it is turn based but it's been done in a way that makes it incredibly easy to do battle and allows for numerous tactics to employ.

    This is the way Final Fantasy XI combat system should have been

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack northbook, ILPosts: 1,362Member

    good god how i hate to see "best game ever" threads on every damn game.  The people who post these threads get sick of the game a few weeks after the post and leave mis-information to poor ususpecting people.

    all this forum needs now is a  "WoW alternative" and "WoW rip-off" threads and it will be complete.

    that being said i WILL try this game when ob is released, but i remain skeptical and expect this game to suck balls just like the 40 other korean made f2p cash shop games. However i will stand corrected if this game turns out to be badass and not a complete mess, over run by gold farmers, bots, hackers, turks/brazillians/other rude mmo communities including the pre-teen american wow crowd(that i dont expect though).

  • jackeccsjackeccs Kaukauna, WIPosts: 392Member Uncommon

    didn't they already try this with SoTNW


  • MartinmasMartinmas Austin, TXPosts: 239Member Uncommon

    I would not say it is the best game ever but I will say it is by far the best free to play MMOG I have tried. I would very much like to see another game come out like this one only with the Final Fantasy Tactics class system.

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack northbook, ILPosts: 1,362Member

    thats the problem, every free mmo is the best game ever untill you realize that its a boring grind fest with unbalanced pvp where highest cash shop spender wins.

    like ive said, people say its the best game ever for a few weeks, you start to see this game sucks posts once those people realize that the game is a boring grinder.

    not saying this game is, but saying its the best free mmo is only a temporary feeling usualy.

  • Rebn77Rebn77 Somewhere, OHPosts: 321Member

    The graphics are the best you've seen?


    I mean, saying that this game has the best graphics ever is pretty naive and sort of negates your whole review.

  • kingbloopkingbloop Barstow, CAPosts: 180Member
    Originally posted by jackeccs

    didn't they already try this with SoTNW


    But this game does it right

  • DeserttFoxxDeserttFoxx North York, ONPosts: 2,388Member Uncommon

    A lot of people running around with the narrowminded point of view that there should only be one game for each genre, didnt sword of teh new world try this already? What a ridiculous statement. If game devolpers only tried games once then let them die if they failed, we wouldnt have diablo, or starcraft, or any final fantasy games and there are plenty of other games in that boat.


    For every great game, there are 100 shitty games that people played, trashed and then devs learned from the mistake and used to improve the next. People need to stop acting like, once it has been done nobody else can try and do it again. There is nothing in the world that works like that.


    Atlantica online is alright, i will play it for a little bit after it launches. but i dont know how long it will hold me, i played it to level 24 and stopped, i will pick it up again after beta.

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  • babyburnikbabyburnik nj, NJPosts: 44Member

    i agree.. i want to see for myself how atlantcia onlie will fair.. as for now, im enjoying it very much..

  • hooptyhoopty Dallas, TXPosts: 788Member

    I played this in cb1.That was the only time that this game was good..In cb2 and 3 they ruin it with the Stamina and other features.Now in Open Beta everything is just alimit and time comsuming..And it is NOT THE BEST GAME EVER..Yes it has nice graphic and nice landscape etc etc..But it is more for a casual gamer who likes to put in a few hours of gaming..Not recommed for hard core gamers.I would suggest to go to there forum and skim on through.You will see the debates going on.I for one have left this game for it limits..

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  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,950Member Epic

    Yeah, you pretty much have to ignore most of what you read below any thread titled "best game ever", because such a game does not, nor will it ever exist.

    Sure, lots of good games out there, each has elements you might enjoy or hate, and its up to each person to decide if they like playing it.

    This game might be entertatining, but off had it doesn't seem to quite have the elements I'm looking for (especially since its a F2P)



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  • SlappanSlappan Portland, ORPosts: 289Member

    There is no perfect game, but for what it's worth, I do find Atlantica Online pretty enjoyable. Now, I played WoW and a little AoC, so I find the combat system in this game pretty refreshing and unique. The graphics are very good, and you can actually level quickly without heavy grinding. I'm looking forward to participating in large-scale pvp and town sieging. With the large number of NPCs, it will most likely prove to be chaotic and fun.

  • SgtFrogSgtFrog LondonPosts: 5,001Member

    a game that promoted 100% no scoiability with other is the worst mmo ever...not the best...

    it goes completely off what ann mmorpg is suppsed to be

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  • tikboitikboi california, ARPosts: 243Member
    Originally posted by Arcken

    Originally posted by judgebeo

    Turn based combat???

    Where is the good point on a turn based combat? is slow, and if you have to grind is a "great" (yes Im being sarcastic) Idea, or, if you have to kill lot of oponents, so... you cant move around and use the real time tactics like ktting? ... what is the point in this combat system for a mmorpg?

    perhaps its different to appeal to different people. Not everyone likes chocolate ice cream, thats just the majority. And we know the majority is always right.



    why not try the game first before opening a mouth? atlantica surely created a new interface of battling system. experimental? i think not, because i found it effective enough to play normally, like any other game. yes there will be exceptions, but who cares? it is definite for its own way, trying not to copy or imitate any other games which is NOT a risk.


    here's the thing: what is the difference between MoF and Silkroad?

    Answer: NONE


  • johnnyboy666johnnyboy666 ManilaPosts: 80Member

    Just play the damn thing and see just how fun it is.

  • lordlapselordlapse QCPosts: 231Member

    I agree with the OP. The world is ATLANTICA is albeit EXTENSIVE. And there is an additional Auto-Move function which makes up for that, so that players don't waste most of their time looking for some NPC for their quests. In addition to that, there that "classic" feel. I don't want to say that it is old school, because by saying that it may also mean old-fashioned. But this one is not. It is a revigorating experience.

  • gellybeansgellybeans manilaPosts: 86Member

    Very nice review! And I totally agree with you on the graphics of Atlantica. I think that's one of the many reasons why mmorpg players out there should play this game. The turn based system is the pride of Atlantica because they were the first ones to create a game engine like this in the mmorpg community. The storyline is totally great as it can be compared to those epic movies. I think that this game has a bright future ahead and I'm looking forward to what Ndoors is going to do with this game

  • conqistadorconqistador akihabaraPosts: 237Member

    NIce review couldnt have said it any better! As a hardcore gamer more than the graphics and the innovative gameplay, what im after is the overall total experience. Take away the nice graphics of the game and still this game would still pull it off. the whole total experience of Atlantica Online is what puts it tops in my book

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