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Rubies of Eventide: It Is Back!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,209Administrator Uncommon

The once vanquished MMORPG "Rubies of Eventide" has re-surfaced again! The game is now totally free to play - however the folks at Cyber Warrior are kindly asking for donations to keep this game alive...running a MMORPG requires a ton of bandwidth and hence a whole lot of please support them! 

NOTE: Apparently their servers are temporarily offline due to an overwhelming demand by new players.  They expect to get them back online soon.

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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  • nakkinakki KauniainenPosts: 56Member

    When I upgraded my computer I tryed to find this game and pay for it but unfortunately I found out in couple of hours that it was canceled =(. Now I can try it and I Wish all the luck to the devs what ever they are planning.

  • RuthlessbobRuthlessbob ., NJPosts: 1Member

    I played the demo back in January and i loved it but it shut down shortly after now that its back im giving it a shot ::::02::

  • PookiePookie orlando, FLPosts: 2Member

    Hi! My name is Pookie!

    I'm a Gnome and have many friends, some keep feeding me cookies and trying to fatten me up! Silly friends, they must really lub me! One of my favorite things to do is hunt either: Dire Kobolds, Hobgoblins, Trolls or Feinds! They're all big, uglee and squishy! Ooh Hill Giants are REALLY big an squishy!! An UGLEE!!! Them stink too! :P


    Oops! I fall'd down!

    (Pookie's Player) - I've been playing Rubies of Eventide since August of 2003. The community in Rubies is incredible! Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I love it so much; I built my first website, which is more of a slideshow with a bit of flash, than an actual website! (amazing considering I didn't know HOW to build either a website, or flash)  My character Pookie just sort of evolved into this cutesy "Ooops! I fall'd down!" kinda role, I love her to death, she's such a sillyhead! One of her favorite lines:

    "One time, at Bandit Camp..."

    Hope to see you at Bandit Camp, in Rubies of Eventide!



  • Red-EyeRed-Eye stockholmPosts: 10Member


    I tested Rubies som time ago, (had a swashbuckler who kicked ass). But, that was some time ago, perhaps 5 months. Does anyone know if the game have changed since?

    Inplented Combat moves?


    and so on and if the new areas have come.

  • grooviegroovie San Diego, CAPosts: 1Member

    hi there
    rubies is very cool.. nice that it has come back.. the comeback started with only few people on, but in the last two weeks i saw many many new faces! thats great.. i hope many people will like it.. the more the merrier.. and the more people, the more donations, the more developement, the more bandwith and so forth.. so please, come try rubies :-)... if u like it, donate!

    long live rubies :-)

    ps: what's cooler than being cool? playing rubies!

  • 0xffxor0xffxor SydneyPosts: 2Member

    Ack! I just wrote a big long post and lost it.. mental note: don't change from traditional editor to enhanced when it says post too long to preview! ::::12::

    Ok well I"ll try again:)

    Hi all,

    I have been playing Rubies for a little over a year now, so my post is most likely going to be a little biased :)
    Even though I am a volunteer GM for RoE, I am still a player too (Lvl 59 Ranger)

    The game is a 3D fantasy style MMO. You have a choice of camera views (3rd person is best) :)

    There are over 100 classes you can choose from, but essentially the classes are all variations of a modifier on your skill costs (skills cost both development points [DP] and money to train). For example the 'Bard' class has a -35% modifier in bardic magic skills costs, whilst a warrior might have a +10. The warrior can still train it, but the bard will level it faster and cheaper.

    The combat is semi turn based. By 'semi' I mean that it isn't a mouse mashing click-fest, but at the same time it isn't a 'wait for everyone else to take their turn' style of combat. Combat is basically a bunch of actions that all have a preparation and recovery time assigned to them.. EVERYTHING you do in combat has a prep/recov time including but not limited to, shooting a bow/xbow, swinging a sword/axe/polearm/dagger etc, casting a spell, using a potion, moving your character etc. You do NOT have to wait for anyone else to finish their 'move' before you take yours.. As soon as your recovery time is finished, you can take your next move. Combat speed can also be adjusted by the party leader (or yourself if you are not grouped)

    The crafting system is very diverse. There are 4 major types of crafting at the moment.. Fletchers, Tailors, Armorsmiths and Weaponsmiths. You can make hundreds of different types of weapons/armors/ammo. There are 6 tiers of materials, the better it is - the better your crafted item will be.

    The community is incredible. I have never met a more friendly group of people in my online experince (14 years now) If you have a good attitude you will fit right in!

    On that same note - griefers are quickly filtered out and dealt with. The game and community has little tolerance for those who make it their mission to ruin other peoples game time. There is NO kill stealing - the only way someone can take your kill is if you run away from a mob and leave the combat circle, even then they will not get full XP for the kill. If you stay in combat, only you and your party have access to the loot and the XP.

    PvP (player vs player) is 100% optional. If you do not want to participate in it, you dont. Every character has the option to 'Always PvP' (you wont get asked if you want to duel), 'Always Ask' (you will be prompted with a dialog to accept/decline said challenge) and 'Never' <- speaks for itself :)

    People who come to the game with a selfish attitude (re: griefers) may as well not waste their time with the download. The GM's and DEVS will not tolerate people who insist on acting like morons and will be swiftly dealt with.

    Those who come seeking a good time and an enjoyable experience will be welcomed with open arms - and on that note I look forward to seeing any of you in game :)

    Feel free to take a look at the little bestiary project I am working on (it is a work in progress but has all the zones, about 98% of the mobs and about .001% of the items done) <-- bestiary <-- also some screenshots


  • ramzithramzith LondonPosts: 37Member

    Dear Readers<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    In a market where every game is playing similar to the next small companies  should not produce great graphical artwork, as that is not part of their strengths, what they should do is offer innovative game-play.


    Why don’t these small companies introduce a Day/Night system which gives certain races or classes a bonus or has a negative effect on some? Such as for example introducing some Half-Vampire like creature, who benefits in power, and gains “stealth” at night or Elves who can the ability to spot stealth units at night. Some spell casters may have improved strength on their buff spells or their attack power decreased at night.


    The general flaw in most MMORPGS is that there is one character which is the strongest in PVP. And all other characters run away from that character, such is the case with Infiltrators in Dark Age of Camelot.


    By introducing this Day/Night system, there is no “strongest” character, and attacks forts or taking over cities become more strategic.  You will be force to use a scout in gathering intelligence, and decide weather to attack at night or day, depending on your enemies race/classes and your own race/classes.


    Perhaps when night breaks the added AI guards who serve as additional defence for a fort are not as many for 10 min each day, as they are on a “lunch break” or something.


    In such case it is a good idea to attack and have the fort taken within those 10 min, if not, the guards will return and the fort will gain additional defence.






    I have not hade the privilage of Playing RoE yet, though i will get to it. Though I think that companies which dont have unlimited funds should focus on being inovative, this post doesnt strictly focus on RoE.  Though RoE could "lead the pack"

  • lord_xentarlord_xentar PraguePosts: 17Member

    i hope you will not take this as a flood. i found a review i have written about year ago on Rubies when it went live... I am not native english so the text may be clumsy (for sure it is) and it doesnt reflect all the grat changes which were made are being made tot he game even now.

    I play the game for a long time, and while the number at the end of the review is not super-high, i could not find other MMOPRG i would enjoy that much as i do rubies.

    while some people take as number one feature of roe its being free, i disagree. the fact is free to play now is making it worse. its ruining its biggest asset - the community of mature and sensible players. fortunately there will be soon some kind of limit on the free play so things will get more to normal. anyway, here is the review. add new zones, add new monsters, add gathering skills, add scoutng (which is about most funny skill) and many others...


    Rubies of Eventide: the third time's a charm<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    Rubies of Eventide is the newest addition to the MMORPG family. In spite the fact you have probably never heard of this project, the development took full nine years. And it is well worth it.


    Current design of Rubies of Eventide MMORPG is third incarnation of computer “sword and sorcery” game by company called Cyber Warrior. The oldest form of Rubies was online project in text regime – MUD (multi-user dungeon). This kind of ancient online RPG used sophisticated game mechanisms, but the adventures were represented only by ASCII characters. So the experience was dependant mostly on player’s imagination. Second face of Rubies, a graphical one this time, was given to Rubies by proprietary engine <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Cancun capable of limited 3D graphics presentation. The big break took place two years ago when the development team decided to license the Jupiter Engine by Lith-Tech. This third incarnation matured after two years of development to stage when it was made public.


    Basic principles of Rubies eventide were presented in our first impressions written from the experience gained in public beta stage. Rubies are very different compared to most online game on the market today. The biggest difference is number of classes available and system of characters development. Most RPG offers their players only few classes like mage, archer, warrior and healer. These are based on limitations on skills which can the given character class master. Rubies is using another system with awesome number of 104 classes. Every class is defined by starting skills and system of bonuses, which define how easy or hard it is for given character to learn and develop certain skills.


    The race player chooses for a character has some influence on character’s development as well. It’s pretty clear that ogres will be better warriors in full plate or that a dwarf will be the best choice for a smith. Hovering Leshy charged with magical energy wont be the wisest choice for physical tasks in this game. The humans are as usual an average race with no visible advantages or disadvantages. The Gnomes are born for using magic or silent work with knives while Orcs can be serious warriors and crossbowmen. And last, but not least, the Elves – race you cant imagine without bows and bit of magic.


    After a character is created, it spawns in the Adventurers Guild where player is given chance to master the game basics doing three quests, one for every type of combat, melee, ranged and magical one. Every task is rewarded by some magical jewelry with bonuses to character’s stats. Secondary effect of the Adventurers Guild quests is bringing the player painlessly to lvl two of their development.


    Same map where Adventurers Guild is located offers mining town of Kaj Blood, a Keep and three dungeons, almost all the map is supposed for low level characters. Players cn fine few quests there to gain some so dearly needed money and experience. Doing quests and killing monsters is way to gain two types of experience reward. One is XP points, these are used to calculate players actual level. Based on XP gained players receive development points which are used to increase characters skills. This hybrid system combines two common approaches to character development in RPG – leveling when with every new level you gain better skills or abilities and macroing where skills are continuously increased actually by using them. Leveling is bothering because you have to wait quite long for skills increase while macroing opens space for cheating. System used in RoE allows you to increase your skills continuously without much space for cheaters who spend all day performing simple set of actions aimed to increase given skill. You probably remember hot it works in UO or Everquest.


    There’s an exception in the development system for crafting and gathering skills – these use the macro-like style. This is another wise decision in game with the “choose wisely” motto. Right now, gaining DP is mostly matter of combat and having tailors fighting Dire Kobolds or Trolls with scissors is somewhat silly idea. Instead of that crafting requires time, dedication and lots of materials or money. The crafting itself reminds me of Las Vegas casinos. With start of item making you see chance to craft it in percents. The success depends on your skill and materials used. After first crafting attempt you will get an item in unfinished state with quality ranging from 75-124, or finished item with 125 quality. With bad luck you can receive only message that crafting attempt failed, but its part of the fun. With item made you can decide what to do, if you are happy withj the item quality, you can finish it. If you want to get better quality item, you can try crafting again – with more risk this time. And i can tell you, the thrill with crafting item worth 100 000 imperials with 80 % chance for success is beyond description.


    But not only crafting is easy to learn and fun. Leveling characters is well balanced and is not bothering. The requirements for hirer levels are not as steep as in some other games. If you find the right monsters to fight, you can keep with approximately the same number of mobs killed. First few levels you can just wander around the Kaj Blood map. Higher levels can find enough challenge in other four maps averaging one town and dungeon per zone. At the time you will read this review another new zone will most probably be placed in game. It will bring new town for all rogue and evil characters in game with all the facilities for training and self improving.


    Current level cap is 50, after reaching the lvl 51 bottom character changes from common adventurer into immortal with special powers. These are bonded to ancient artifacts called rubies of eventide – precious stones with souls of ancient sorcerers in them. These artifacts gave the game its name.


    Rubies of Eventide is live for three months and like any other MMOPRG it is still evolving. In this case it means that not only the map is unfinished. There are many things waiting for implementation like race specific languages based on cryptographic principles or enchanter and rogue skills among other. Can’t say its bad, it only gives players reason to look forward to patch which emerges every month or even more frequently. Each update brings nice new stuff into the game like new maps or skills or new items with cool graphics which is always good way to please a gamer. In the following patch which should be ready as you read is supposed to bring in gathering skills and combat maneuvers which will add more fun in combat.


    Another good news is proactive approach of the dev team regards the official game message board. The player’s opinions and ideas are taken very seriously. Players did already get protective gear for mages and somewhat weak summoned pets were made bit stronger. Not to mention how good it feels when your idea makes it into the game. On the other hand the forum is occupied mostly by Americans and some of them don’t like people criticizing “their favorite game“ much.    


    Not only game features make online game. Very important part of gameplay is the interaction with other player’s characters. Good group with some knowledge of game mechanisms are up to much more than any imaginable single character is. And my own experience proves that the payers are well aware of that fact. Thanks to it there’s no problem with finding a group even when you can’t speak English very well. Even if you can’t speak English you can have fun playing Rubies of Eventide as there is Czech guild in the game dating back to the beta stage.


    At last we have the technical aspects of the game here and i need to say, it’s not all that bad. I can’t tell it looks better than AC2, far from it, but considering the capabilities of the Jupiter Engine, the devs did great job. Nice is the networking code which allows playing even on dial-up. What makes Rubies exquisite is the music, which is far from the old and tiring celtic cliché – you can find some samples on the cover DVD  and judge them yourself. Among the MP3 files you will find there full installation of game client and documents translated to Czech as I am not to put it all into the review.


    Rating: 7/10



    GUildmaster of Bohemian Adventurers

    Guildmaster of Bohemian Adventurers

  • WrenderWrender Conway, ARPosts: 1,386Member
    Well i created an account just fine but when i tried to install the download game my installshield wizard stops responding. I downloaded it the first time with get right downloader. Installer stopped responding. Second time i downloaded it directly from the site (took forever). Same problem Installer Messed up! Has anyone else had this problem. I have no idea why it's doing this...Please help if anyone has a clue...Thanks

  • AthilasAthilas Chambly, QCPosts: 39Member
    I was beta-testing it a while ago but ...dunno..There is something missing about this game. It has so many professions but it seems not to be enough..and I find the graphics weird

  • palidun50palidun50 Aloha, ORPosts: 14Member

    I was in beta on rubies as well, but it was quite awhile ago and I cannot even remember the gameplay.

    Is this the one which had point and click for movement?

    Or was it the one which outside the beginner town you had either wild dogs to fight or rats?

    Sorry to be so befuddled but I think that I have been on too many betas .

  • PookiePookie orlando, FLPosts: 2Member

    Wrender, due to the heavy traffic the download times are fairly long! Visit the Rubies boards, and you'll get help there. :)



  • m811m811 TallinnPosts: 5Member

    Originally posted by Wrender
    Well i created an account just fine but when i tried to install the download game my installshield wizard stops responding. I downloaded it the first time with get right downloader. Installer stopped responding. Second time i downloaded it directly from the site (took forever). Same problem Installer Messed up! Has anyone else had this problem. I have no idea why it's doing this...Please help if anyone has a clue...Thanks

    Same prob here. No workaround, even without NAV's autoprotect.



  • 0xffxor0xffxor SydneyPosts: 2Member

    Check the game FAQ - this problem is addressed in a stick post under 'Help and Support' on the message boards :)

    There is a new installer being tested at the moment to overcome this problem.

  • OrgoneOrgone Mansfield WoodhousePosts: 90Member

    downloaded it on Tuesday, unfortunately not been able to create an account since then, and the site itself seems to be down constantly now.

    Shame, sounds interesting.


  • palidun50palidun50 Aloha, ORPosts: 14Member

    I got in!

    It looks alot different than I thought it would.image

    For a free game it looks pretty darn good!!!

    Of course all I've done so far is create a character and practice twice with a spell then hadda log last night.

  • SupererogateSupererogate Chicago, ILPosts: 11Member

    Where can i download Rubies of Eventide?::::37::

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