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Do you like the PVP settings of Zu Online?

kerry1005kerry1005 New York, NYPosts: 14Member

I am a role player, i don't like PVPing a lot. I've played Zu Online for several months. I got a lvl 124 Moonmaiden. I got killed almost every time i went to Hexad Region (the region for being teleported to other faction's world). I was also ganked in other neural region, even though not so often. But I did hope they can release a RP server for role players to perform PVE. Surely, ther should be some designated zones such as battleground for pvping. Well, how do u guys think about the PVP settings of Zu Online.



  • AzalinRexAzalinRex Vila VelhaPosts: 47Member

    I think zu pvp is ok. Not hardcore (since your faction zones are well protected) not softcore (hexxad, neutral regions need to take care).


    Basically, as a MM you can easily evade pvp: use vanish and become invisible. Only at hexxad teleport this gonna be hard.

    At neutral zone, my only suggestion is: stay away from the flight guardians, since most pkers lurk only near them.

  • draguleadragulea whateverPosts: 249Member

    I don't know how things are now, but when I used to play it, PvP was the worst I've ever experienced in a game: to me being able to attack players 90 levels lower than you is not PvP, is plain stupidity. Even after the number of the guards was increased, high lvl players could still enter other faction zones and KOS. But since ZU is a game built around PvP, I guess these thing can't be avoided. It's a very good game for the PvP fans and it has some original features that can make it  interesting even to some PvE players. I found PvP to be excessive and annoying (since - of course - many high level players used to camp in some known quest maps and thus not allowing ppl to gain xp and level up), but who knows, maybe things have changed...

  • zoecoolzoecool paradise, AZPosts: 15Member

    I dno't think there is any change of Zu Online PVP settings. But i like it. After all i can vanish once I am almost killed. So i don't vare, lol

  • AzalinRexAzalinRex Vila VelhaPosts: 47Member

    I am not wrong, there is a penalty now for the ones who kill players with a gap higher that 90 levels.

  • DeadlyZardDeadlyZard KaunasPosts: 3Member

    And after all you can use armistice tablets or smth.But there is problem that these costs gold,that means real money.I think that PvP is not so bad in this game,but like in others games you can find friendly people(sarcasm included) that will PK you for they joy.I played even badder PK games, opinion is like dont put your nose where you dont need it,because you can lost it Its wasnt answer to theme

    You can beat all with sharp sword,quick bow and the sense of humour....

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