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[Overly.Offensive] Merc Guild/Adult Only (Recruiting) [Tyranny - PVP]

AliceKayeAliceKaye Marietta, GAPosts: 838Member Uncommon



-----Mercenary Warfare-----

-----Killers for Hire-----

-----Age of Conan-----

-----Tyranny PvP-----


**Update - City Built - Currently Saving for Walls**

Overly Offensive is an Age of Conan PvP/PvE guild dedicated to creating strife and adversity for the foes of the highest bidder as well as pillaging the Hyborian dungeons of their loot. Simply put, we are Mercenaries -- We offer our services to those in need, be that an individual, small group or small guild. Our main goal is to be an ultra organized Squad for Hire to large guilds in need of more firepower for siege offenses and defenses, as well as end game raiding (or what we call World Contracts).

Merc Warfare while leveling and learning the game, but that is just the beginning. Soon the [O.o] Army will take shape. Military ranks. Companies. Squads. Privates to Captains. There will be opportunities for advancement thru the ranks. You could achieve the rank of Captain and command your own company, or even become General of the Army.

We are open for recruitment for all classes, to both the individual or small guilds that are looking for something new and to help create something big. 18+ only.


I. Honor

We are mercenaries & soldiers. We only kill for a price, sometimes for gold or goods, but at times that price may be a simple one, such as us amusing ourselves by simply killing the target or escorting the needy.

II. Loyalty

Thicker than thieves. Guild members will answer the call of the fallen, so it would be wise not to stick around for the slaughter.

III. Benevolent

We are not Police. Our interets lay in our gold pouches, although helping the downtrodden pro bono publico has been known to occur. This is at the Merc's discretion & is neither encouraged, nor discouraged.

IIII. Profit

Gold earned from lesser contracts are the property of those who fulfill it. Gains from larger contracts which require the entire guild will be put back into the guild for improvements.

V. World Contracts

Sometimes the guild will contract itself to obtain certain items. This may require small groups or the entire guild depending on the dungeon. PVE raiding some call it. Gold and items obtained in these dungeons will be fairly distributed to participants.


++ Enlist Now! ++

Guild Name: [Overly.Offensive]

Server: Tyranny PvP (US)

Guild Website: &

Age Requirement: Strictly 18+

Main Time Zone: North America - All Zones

Guild Leader and/or Recruiter: Pickerd (Cain), 12oz (Chesticles), Antarax, Domingo, Diskord, Cersie, Fallen Angel(Valader), and Funky

Guild category: PvP/PvE

Roleplay: Non

Voice: Ventrilo

Recruiting members status: Open

Server type: PvP


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