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Suggestion: Minigames

mike470mike470 General Correspondent-unknown-Posts: 2,396Member

It seems like minigames have been a forgotten concept in most MMOs to date.  I have always found them fun, and a good thing to do with friends to take a break from the game.

Not only can they be enjoyable, but with group minigames and small rewards, this could really be a great thing for player interaction.  I really think that minigames actually encourage player interaction, and make them put their minds together and work as a team to achieve the award.

So, my quick little suggestion is that I reccommend minigames (for both solo, group, and guilds).  


-Let me start by saying no minigame will be played alone.  By using the word solo, I just mean that a player will be facing another player in a challenge.  NOT PvP, there's an arena fot that :)


--Group minigames would consist of 5-20 People on each side. 


---Guild minigames will consist of a good amount of the guild participating (50 max)

Players holding their own events:

An idea that comes to mind is players having the ability to hold their own minigames.  A player could create a deal with the NPC, and pick from a list of which kind of minigame they would like to hold.  This would be great for guild events, as well as just players gathering together.

Fun AND skillful:

I believe that the minigames should not only be fun, but laso make them take skill.  Sure, there will be some simple ones, but there should also be ones that take some skill and brainpower..

Like I said, I have always found minigames an enjoyable and interesting thing to do when taking a break from playing the main "beef" of the game, if you will. They are a great way to encourage player interaction, and if done correctly will be a fun part of the game.

So, my question is, wil CoS have minigames? 

/end suggestion

**NOTE-  I felt kind of brain dead, so I couldn't come up with any suggestions of minigames at the moment..

In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08 - Rest In Peace; you will not be forgotten


  • mike470mike470 General Correspondent -unknown-Posts: 2,396Member

    A quick question to add on to this:

    Will players have the ability to jump?

    In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08 - Rest In Peace; you will not be forgotten

  • noobzornoobzor Mountlake Terrace, WAPosts: 43Member

    i made a mini game once where you dodge zombies all day its free for taking who ever wants to use it im kool. that is if im mentiond back on topic.

    also i have a couple ideas that i would like to get shared

    1: a race

    were you have a start and finish and you can take any route there

    2:a treasure hunt

    were you look for stuff

    3: catch the ?

    were you have to get catch somthing thats running around before anyone else

    4: musical spells

    were you have to dodge all the enemys attacks while he is doing to a rythum

    well i hope i helped with ideas for miny games.

  • nightwing70nightwing70 flushing, NYPosts: 142Member



    R.I.P runescape

  • mike470mike470 General Correspondent -unknown-Posts: 2,396Member
    Originally posted by nightwing70

    R.I.P runescape


    Hehe, I remember castle wars...I could never really get into it though; I would much rather be out PKING.

    Castle Wars was a great minigame though.  Have two sides fight eachother without any risk of losing items.  The reward, ont he other hand, was useless.  That's where I see the problem in most MMOs.  I thinkt hat minigames should have rewards (and mabye a risk of some sort?). 

    For instance, the reward for winning a minigame would be X amount of gold, while losing would cost you X amoutn of experience.  Another example could be there are "minigame" points.  If you get 15 points (by winning minigames, points are added each time a player wins) then you will receive some kind of reward; while if you lose you will either lose minigame points (or perhaps you just don't win anything, without the loss of points).

    Just some rambling about minigames..

    In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08 - Rest In Peace; you will not be forgotten

  • noobzornoobzor Mountlake Terrace, WAPosts: 43Member

    good idea mike but out of those 2 i think i liked the mini game points though i think that you can only gain minigame points but only the top x amount of people will get any.

    some more ideas are...... ummm i think i ran dry but i will post as soon as more ideas come to mind.

    ohh and sorry about my last post in this one. it was my first post on this site so i had no idea about what i was doing and the pole both answers are right.

  • nightwing70nightwing70 flushing, NYPosts: 142Member

    Ye but castle wars was sooooo much fun, i just loved the buzzer beater like when it's tied and there is 5 seconds left to the game and i got the flag to win it.

    Hey is it possible this game can copy Castle wars 0.O ... or would they get sued

  • noobzornoobzor Mountlake Terrace, WAPosts: 43Member

    good queston nightwing but i think for a new type of game they want ideas that would be new untried ideas. im sure castle wars was a good game but if you look deeply into the subject why would they here are some reasons they might not do it

    1: they could get sued

    2: its already been done

    3:some people may have gotten tired of it

    and here are some reasons why they might

    1: it sounds like a cool game

    2: well since i dont know the game perhaps you should give the reasons why they could use Castle Wars nightwing.

  • HypermiikeHypermiike NS, PAPosts: 21Member

    I think the racing is already in there but back to the topic the minigames.  I believe they may already have a lot and I have learned of a few.  What they should have is they should have contests for pets and mounts like races, battles. tricks, skills, and obidience trials.Another idea is hide and go seek!  Ahh suck a classic...  You will be sent to an arena that is P A C K E D with items like walls tents rocks boulders buildings and such.  The layout will be different everytime so no remembering spots.

    Another idea! Yes another!  Hunting a game as old as time...  The game will be played by you getting spell scrolls these scrolls are five 1 min. camo and 10 tranquilizing shots to win you need to have the most of ? animal hunted in ten minutes with just those scrolls.

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