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{Angeles de Infiernos} Seeking Couples Who Game Together

HisButterflyHisButterfly Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 45Member

{Angeles de Infiernos}is currently looking for couples who game together to join their growing numbers. We're a light to no RP guild currently focused on leveling and socialization. We call it a guild but for us it's family.

Why couples only? We believe that couples who play together stay together. (Contrary to the rumours, this guild is 21+ but NOT a "swingers guild"!) We're a group of married/ltr people who like to be around other individuals who understand when you have to go AFK for real life things like kids, etc.

We've made our way to a guild city and voicechat. The guild bank is stocked to overflowing and our chats are always full of lively banter. What more could you ask for?

If interested, please visit our website and drop us a line.

Or, find us in game as Nulana or Demaris.

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