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"WarMongers" of Cimmeria are recruiting!

helstaaghelstaag Anytown, ALPosts: 5Member

"War Mongers"


We are looking for members of all classes and all levels. 


Biggest of all things, our goal is to allow people to have fun. Log in, find groups of pals and have a blast. There isn't anyone who will pay $15+ per month to get run around like a herd of cattle. If things aren't going well and you are not feeling involved say something. Let us know. Give some suggestions. We hear all voices. We're like a big happy family running about killing stuff, it don't get much cooler than that. 




Contact Info: Arxanic, Helstaag, Kharzon, Euphy


Time Zone: US


RP Style: Light 

PvP Style: Organized/Competitive

PvE/Raid Style: Medium to Heavy


Vent: Vent will be required during grouping and raids.




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