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metin 2 us version and metin 2 gameforge version?

ragnarokekragnarokek OsakaPosts: 134Member

ive been looking for a F2P game and metin 2 caught my eye. i would like to try it out but noticed that there are 2 versions of the game, one version is published by gameforge and another one is the US version what are the differences between the 2 versions? and which version is better (more players, good community, active GM etc etc). btw is the US version only for the american market? or other countries can also play it? thanks all.




  • Myron41Myron41 WrexhamPosts: 23Member

    As far as I can tell, the differences between the two versions come down to the fact that the American version gets more updates and is ahead of the Gameforge version in content.


    I personally used to play on the UK servers but gave up due to the cack community and the mind numbing grind.  Cant speak for the US servers as I never played there.

    I used to log on then spend  ages trying to level while being constantly spammed with,

    "Esti Ro?", "Ro?", "Yang plz.", "Lvl?", "Noob." , "F*&k off this is my map or I will kill you noob!",  Player A. Hole challenges you to a duel, Player A. Hole invites you to join a group (spammed repeatedly, normally when you are in the middle of a fight so the message box obscures what you are doing.)

    Kill stealing, spawn humping and guild griefing are rife especially if your character is of a low level.

    By all means play it and find out for yourself.  I would recommend the US version though if only because it gets the better updates earlier.



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