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LoboMauLoboMau Marinha GrandeMember UncommonPosts: 396

Simple question: Just finished the final quest  in Tortage and Im in Stygia but...How can I go back to Tortage?? I would love to finish some quests in there!!


  • KnightblastKnightblast Smithtown, KSMember Posts: 1,798

    You need to find the captain/smuggler who will bring you back to Tortage.  I'm Aquilonian, but I think that the person in Khemi is at one of the two dock areas.

  • DreathorDreathor EnglandMember Posts: 537

    In Khemi, the tortage smuggler is near Sharak (The NPC you talked to when you first got there for your destiny quest).

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  • observerobserver Member RarePosts: 3,678

    Make sure you are the correct Culture (Race) too.  So that means you need to go talk to the guy in Stygia.

  • LoboMauLoboMau Marinha GrandeMember UncommonPosts: 396

    Im back to Tortage! THANKS!!

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