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Darkened Lords Recruiting (Deathwhisper Server)

chipgmchipgm pomfret center, CTPosts: 50Member

We are a guild that will not put up with any Drama or disrespect to fellow guild members. We are here to have fun and play some good'ol PvP. We also, have voice chat system in place for our members and we do runs in instances with guild members nightly. We plan on doing lots of PvP mingames and seiges later on.As of right now we have over 40 members online, and we are in the begining process of making our city.

So if you feel like that is what kind of game you want to play come check us out at . Just sign up to the forums and you will have a app to fill out when you register. Hope to see some of you make your way over, Because in the end we are here to just have some fun ..right.

Come join our ranks at or you can contact me in game . My toons name is Hawkeyes..

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