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Honor-Bound - A Hyperborea (RP-PVP) Server Roleplaying Guild

JonsusJonsus Toronto, ONPosts: 175Member

To those who are interested in joining the fight against the tide of evil and darkness which threatens the free lands of Hyboria, I bid you all answer the call and join those who have sworn honorable oaths to raise their blades in defense of our homes and peoples!

Let no evil prevail in Cimmeria, Aquilonia, or even Stygia! That is the goal of the Honor-Bound, to push the darkness back until such time as it is no longer a threat.

Seek me out if you wish to be a part of our struggle!



Honor-Bound is a Cimmeria based roleplaying guild on the Hyperborea server of AoC. We are dedicated to fighting "Murderers" (PK's/Griefers/Gankers) whenever they appear, as well as any who would threaten normal players trying to have fun in AoC. Our guild places a heavy emphasis on comraderie and teamwork, as well as roleplaying and remaining in character. So if you dislike making new frends and working with them in an IC setting, this guild may not be for you.

Please visit our guildportal site -> <- and post an application on our forums if you are interested. After doing so, please take the initiative to seek out either myself (Durfang), Grolm, or Sterkvarr ingame for details.

Thanks in advance! I look forward to roleplaying with you soon!

- Jon, PoDurfang


  • JonsusJonsus Toronto, ONPosts: 175Member

    Still looking for more roleplayers to help us make Hyperborea a better server!

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