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Phalanx Guild recruiting ( Tyranny Pvp Server)

Str82DaDomeStr82DaDome Flagstaff, AZPosts: 5Member

New Guild Phalanx is currently recruiting loyal and active members level does not matter.

We are a guild looking to have mainly a fun time, but have a well detailed plan to get an awesome guild city in a location that will be good to us. We need more members and if you are loyal we will promote you. We never make members feel like they arent a part of us and no matter what the rank, everybody will help everybody out the same. We need to level to 80 fast so we can start doing some fun stuff though.

We aren't very agressive, but you are free to kill whomever you wish. It is a pvp server after all. Just dont be an asshole about stuff.

My in game name is Blackfeet so message me in game.

 Hit up our guild website and apply!

Thank you.

I PWN U WITH MY LARGE............. CAWK.


  • Str82DaDomeStr82DaDome Flagstaff, AZPosts: 5Member

    we now have about 30 members, a guild city and our keep set up. apply on our forums!

    I PWN U WITH MY LARGE............. CAWK.

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