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Death and Dishonor. Cimmeria RP-PvP. Casual + Hardcore wanted!

DAS1337DAS1337 Posts: 2,516Member Uncommon

Greetings fellow Hyborians.

Death and Dishonor has now opened their recruitment. We are a tight knit group of players from all time zones. This allows superior organization at all hours of playtime. Our members are mature and extremely dedicated. We are looking for casual and hardcore members. No matter your play style, you will feel right at home. We are very helpful, any question you have can and will be answered by our members through guild chat, you will never feel alienated. I even played with a full group for 17 hours straight, that's how helpful we all can be.

Our guild has it's own website with forums, a ventrilo server with members there at all times, and a guild city lot, booked and being built on as I type. As I said, we have very mature members. We allow for all play styles. And our ultimate goal is to become a force in end game PvP and PvE. You won't be forced to RP in Death and Dishonor, but you also won't be made fun of if you choose to do so. You can make this guild what you want it to be.

Currently we are small. 40+ Members, anywhere from the mid teens to the low 60's. However, we have very little alternate characters, so the majority are all unique individuals.

Visit our guild website at.  Keep in mind, it will be undergoing construction shortly.

Death and Dishonor

Ventrilo is required for raids, but not for casual gameplay. We encourage everyone to log in and talk with us, don't be shy. If you have questions, please PM me.

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