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What i like about metin 2

weg886weg886 my town, OHPosts: 318Member

Is that there is skill books to read  once you hit master in one skill.     And when you read this book you may FAIL  to rise you skill and that skill book could cost lots of money.


I like how armor and stats  really  affect how you out come is when fighting pvp or mobs.

I like  how hard it is to lvl  up, Also i like that there is 100 lvls.

Do you know i ask if there was any lvl 100 , guy said dont think but there is a lvl 81 .

I also like how you can be 20 lvls higher then someone and if you dont have a good skill setup and stats put in right place  a  lvl 20 could lose the battle.

money and items dont drop alot but when they do you are surprized and happy ,

Note if you play this game go to forms and read up on stuff because if you dont you will get bored .

Because there is alot to learn in here,

I will give you a tip "  Do the MISSION Quest!  you will go from lvl 5 to lvl 20 fast .

But after that its long and hard work.  Remember to kill metins for skill books,

Once you hit lvl 30 you can mine and fish for all kinds of treasures, Trust me you will want to do these things  if you dont buy money from there site.

Ok just thought you like to know about  it. Good mmo really is and i dont say that alot,

But still waiting for darkfall or a game that has everything that darkfall names in there game.

Seeeeeeeee      ya!

WWIIOnline The Real War!



  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack northbook, ILPosts: 1,362Member

    wow you like every aspect of the game that i thought sucked and made me quit.

  • Myron41Myron41 WrexhamPosts: 23Member

    Metin 2 is a good game apart from the fact,

    1) It is like every other MMORPG out there.  Just another chat room with fighting.  Why they dont give us all ponts to adjust a character with before setting us free I dont know.  It would save all the grinding for a start.   After all killing endless MOBS is just a delay to pvp nothing more.


    2) There is no day or night.


    3) There is no weather.


    4) The scenery is fairly barren.


    5) You hit a wall around level 20.  It takes ages to level up after that.


    6) Overall it has as much atmosphere as the moon.


    7) The world is devoid of character or description apart from the fact there are 3 kingdoms who dont get on and metin stones fall from the sky.  In short, there is no depth to it.  It could do with legends behind quests/dungeons for a start instead of "go kill me 10 hungry alpha wolves."


    8) There is absolutely no point in playing it as in there is no end goal, nothing to aim for, no throne to steal no king to kill etc.  It is just a death match with magic and ancient weapons.  They might as well start everybody off at level 90 to save time and change its name to Unreal Halflife Death Metin.

    Apart from that, I cant seem to stop playing it (when I get the chance).  Go Jinno!

  • j.angelj.angel SPosts: 23Member


    just everything ^^



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