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EU VS. US (Patches/Info)

tachgbtachgb SheffieldPosts: 791Member Uncommon

I'm wondering if there will be an EU info site which is found at When a patch is made live, EU usually get the patch a bit after the US because of the translations that need to be made for the multilanguage users. So if for instance, they announce a patch is live at and we EU are still waiting for it, it could lead to confusion, surely ?

Or do they plan to announce all the patch/gameplay changes info through the seperate EU/US forums ?

More curious to know if patches will be released at the same time for all servers worldwide?


  • sassoonsssassoonss Monroe Town Patricia Palace, NYPosts: 1,112Member Uncommon

    Its seperate


    When you actually hit the AOC launcher the updates of the game and server info is displayed

    If u installed Europe client it informs you of Eu servers and vice versa



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