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I'm back!

GishgeronGishgeron Princeton, KYPosts: 1,287Member


  I had been wanting to return for some time now...having been stuck churning through the seas of F2P games for awhile.  Now, I HAVE THE POWER!

  *Sniff* I've missed you so.  In no other game do I love my characters as much as this one.  All 25 of them.  Its so nice that I can alter my weapon image along with my costume now, that change alone warranted me making 3 new characters.  Dual Blades was very took what I liked from Ninja Blade powersets and made it a bit easier to work with for me.

  Willpower was nice wife and I both went dual sword on our new characters and I took willpower with it.  Made a noticeable difference in how much I could handle.  So I get to save HER from mobs of death constantly.

  All told, I've been having a blast again.  So much so that I've made it a point to pay more attention to Champions online as it develops.  I love my superhero game :D



  • therain93therain93 Winthrop, MAPosts: 2,039Member Uncommon

    Welcome back Gish!  I have to agree, there's certainly an attachment and affection for my heroes that no other mmo provides.

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