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VengerVenger Posts: 1,295Member Uncommon

How exactly does it work once you get to 20?  Is it a bunch of people running around fighting over nodes or what?


  • WyluliWyluli San Diego, CAPosts: 80Member

    Gathering what? resources? As I understand it tradeskills can't be chosen until level 40... Not even sure if there is anything to gather...

  • openedge1openedge1 My City, ALPosts: 2,582Member


    they have even innovated in the crafting arena...where you have "gathering fields" so just like going into various zones to kill will have a zone of fields of plant, animals...etc...

    There was a video on


  • quaikyquaiky wien, GAPosts: 566Member

    you can learn gathering skills at lvl 20, but crafting skills not before level 40. when you reach lvl 20 teh game will even pop up one more tutorial like info that you can get these.

    but till now i did not have time to go out and pick up these skills so cannot answer the original question.

  • VengerVenger Posts: 1,295Member Uncommon

    Thx for the info.  Is pvp allowed in these gathering field on pvp servers?

  • quaikyquaiky wien, GAPosts: 566Member

    just a warning i just went to the gathering area in cimeria to pick up skills and check it out. what happened was that as soon as i entered zone game crashed with a memory manager error.and now whenever i try to log in the character i get same error and game crashes.

    So it might happen to you too to get your character locked there without ability to move back out. (but not sure if that bug only happens on my hardware or on others too)

    i also watched memory usage of client and while it was loading zone memory suddenly jumped up from about 1.2gb to over 3gb and then the crash happened. so i tried to lower all graphics setiings but still gettting the same crash.

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