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cryptid5cryptid5 slverado, CAPosts: 5Member

Help!?!?!? Please!?!?!? Whenever I press the start button on the updater everything goes black  and the only thing visible besides the blackness is the Requiem cursor. Then all of that disappears leaving nothing but the other windows I had up and an error message saying that requiem.exe has stopped working, would you like to check online for a solution (which I have already tried, and found no solution). I have tried downloading it from multiple sites. So far all of of my attempts at fixing it and/or avoiding it have yielded nothing. Any suggestions?? 


  • SilverdaggerSilverdagger Hulls Cove, MEPosts: 119Member Uncommon

    A couple questions:

    Are you using Vista?

    What version of DirectX are you using?

    Does your video card support pixel shaders 2.0?


  • cryptid5cryptid5 slverado, CAPosts: 5Member

    1. I am using windows vista.

    2. I have directx 9.0 in which I check  updates for regularly. video card does support pixel shader 2.0 

    Apparently the name of the problem is APPCRASH does that  mean anything to you?



  • I am getting this same problem too.

    well the symtoms excluding the end error messege is the same. My error that I'm getting is Application Hang (found in event veiwer)

    Im using XP and my graphix and videa cards should be alright because i've been playing on the game b4. (on the same pc)

    Maybe the site did a graphics up, idk.

    But I'd really love some help.

  • *Bump*

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