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Silent Scream Is Recruiting -Doomsayer US PvP Server!

StormkrashStormkrash PanamaPosts: 193Member

X Silent Scream X

We are an International PVP Guild Based on The Doomsayer Server!

What are we about?

We are about owning it up as a unit and a team and having fun while at it!

We Have been playing together for a while and are allways taking in new blood we have played Shadowbane,Ultima Online, DAOC, EQ2,EQ1 and many more!

Raids and Seiges

Our Goals in Raiding and Sieging Is To Excel in PvP Adquiring BK's and in PvE  by Advancing and progressing in Raiding aswell!

How to join?

So your interested in joining!

Read our application Template at and make a post following it in our applications section!

Requirements For Joining!

Must Be Mature!

Must have alot of free time to play! Every day!

Must have raid and pvp experience, leadership experience is good to as we will have a few open leadership Positions!

Ventrilo is a must have



  • airstrikeairstrike New York, NYPosts: 373Member Uncommon

      What an awesome guild,you clearly are awesome since you post in caps lock,caps lock on the internet = WIN!!!!

     It shows how serious and mature you are aswell.

    ./sarcasm offline

  • ko1oko1o Nashville, TNPosts: 117Member Uncommon

    If you're interested give Stormkrash, Bladestalker or Sett a tell in game.


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