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Age of Conan: New Conan Images

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSMember Posts: 6,696 Common

The folks at Funcom have provided us with new screenshots from Age of Conan, the highly anticipated new MMO that will open its doors on May 20th.


Check out all six here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • A.BlacklochA.Blackloch NexusMember Posts: 828 Uncommon

    They should just open the realms for all early access clients instead of posting new screenshots!

    image image image

  • nakumanakuma New York City, NYMember Posts: 1,310 Uncommon

    hahah i hear ya. i keep telling myself. two more days two more days.


    patience willow, lol

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  • SouvecSouvec Paw Paw, MIMember Posts: 698

    Nice variety of ingame shots.

  • boomerangxboomerangx attleboro, MAMember Posts: 254

    good stuff

    I play a lot of games...

  • i_own_ui_own_u Member Posts: 313 Uncommon

    I loved the one with the Mammoths in it. Makes me want to play it the more!

  • dekkendekken Fort Collins, COMember Posts: 18

    I finished downloading the client and patch yesterday, and when I'm at home, I start the game every couple of hours to see if they've opened yet. I'm pathetic.

    What's worse, I have a full day of other stuff to do tomorrow, culminating in a graduation party in the afternoon. It will be evening before I can log on

    That's okay though, you guys can work the bugs out so it will be smooth when I get in :)

  • foreweerforeweer ankaraMember Posts: 31

    Thank you screenshots.

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