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UI and controls

ReehayReehay ftgdfgd, NVPosts: 172Member

just ended my first night playing and am somewhat pleased and surprised. however there seems to be some glaring problems with the UI and controls--about which im hoping i am mistaken. for one, is there no way to invert the mouse? and while the WASD controls are better implemented in Metin compared to other free MMOs,  is there no way to backstep? it seems the back cursor only changes your avatar's direction 180 degrees.  would also love to remap the hotkey bar. is this possible?

all these features seem to be commonplace in western developed MMOs but sorely lacking in foreign developed games.  im liking many things about Metin, but since the player is constantly engaged with the controls and UI, it easily becomes a frustrating experience if theyre not customizable to a high degree. i just cant get past the poor controls to actually enjoy Metin.

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