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For The Uninformed.

EdenCLEdenCL St George, UTPosts: 1Member

Ok. I will place some resources at your disposal for Clan Lord.


In Game News:

Company Website for download and new information:

For ordering the game:

New Stuff: This game works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Price to purchase is $14.95 (not $30.00) (which includes a month of play and registration for one character)

Monthly Price is one dollar less than before: $8.00

You can download the necessary software for your system here (links on lower left side):

At least try the demo, which places you in the world... the download is relatively small for this game, probably less than 100MB, but for someone out there... this game is for you and has a quite active and small community and though it has its flaws, still a immersive game with good history, story, and fun.

community message site:

Warrior Thoom, and clan member of Fenix Fire.

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