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VayDuhrVayDuhr DethStahr, TNMember Posts: 1

Seriously... I don't make a habit of trashing games and I use mmorpg.com for all my rpg needs - but this game is ridiculous.

Not only does it FORCE you to install IE7 (blah)  I couldn't get to the point where i could create a Char (mouse restricted to x,y coords) - after doing a "manual" update and updating active X ----- I couldn't get past the server select screen - which is BEFORE Char creation........... yea


End Result:

Uninstalled and now on my way back to IE6 - even if it means a format - probably should anyway after installing this junk...

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  • v4mp1r3v4mp1r3 MelbourneMember Posts: 48

    Don't use IE6. It's really, really bad. It's a huge security problem now. If you don't like IE7 then just get Firefox or Google Chrome ffs. IE6 isn't even a good browser.

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