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Totally Different Opinions

Ebol-aEbol-a Hamilton, ONPosts: 18Member

Listen, I played Rubies for like 2000 hours ok?

Im givin ya the real deal...

The others who come in here talkin it up are just tryin ta get ya hooked. Same people sayin the same thing over and over...


I love Rubies... I love the community... I love the small population... Im addicted... Try it

When a game is really good in all them ways, it dont need to be speeched about

The game is old, slow, hard to learn, it crashes, it burns and the updates are always "promised"

Thats the real deal... This aint a Rubies forum.

This is a forum for speaking it the way it is... Like thats my opinion when people ask ok?

But hey, waste a few hours and find out whos givin it to ya strait


  • ladybug420ladybug420 athens, ALPosts: 17Member

    If you'll look up the title of this says ''' Rubies of Eventide---General Discussion---Totally Different yes actually this IS a Rubies forum...else you wouldn't be in here if it wasn't right?

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