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Player killing everywhere...nonconsensual ?

ArawonArawon Oz, ALPosts: 1,108Member

The game sounded interesting till I read about pk..Game sounds like the original UO with twists. Am I correct? Players can kill you any time and get some or many of your items dpending on your level ?



  • mike470mike470 General Correspondent -unknown-Posts: 2,396Member

    I played for about a week, and I didn't get randomly ganked.  Mabye I was just lucky?  I'm not sure.

    In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08 - Rest In Peace; you will not be forgotten

  • morphomorpho niwot, COPosts: 51Member

    There are 3 nations. You can PK within your own nation but you will lose your title. Admirbable is the highest title.


    All titles are based on hkp. The higher the better because eventually your skills will use up hkp. You up your skills with skill books and once you reach GrandMaster of a skill it starts to use your hkp everytime you use the skill.

    You can pk other nations anytime you want... but normally people do not unless they are having a bad day or are really bored. Most of the time you won't get killed by other nations. Also, you can only start pvp after lvl 20 or so.

    It is a really fun game. I encourage you to give it a try. :-)

  • ArawonArawon Oz, ALPosts: 1,108Member

    What are the consequences of being pk'd? Loose items ?

  • morphomorpho niwot, COPosts: 51Member

    If your title is Felon then you can lose items... So if you kill a lot of people and become a felon you will drop items in your inventory not what you are wearing.



  • ArawonArawon Oz, ALPosts: 1,108Member

    So sweet innocent me(ok...almost jumped by a career criminal gang and killed....I can expect to loose some things..or not ?

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    I thought you can't loose items when you have a positive title. (Admirable, Noble, Righteous, Worthy)

    You lose items when you have a negative rank like Felon, ....


    I liked metin2, but i quit because i want more spells, they give you 5/6 spells and you can get more spells, so i was bored after some time. I liked the nationwars, that's a very good thing ingame.

  • morphomorpho niwot, COPosts: 51Member

    yeah you can only lose items if you are a felon...

    That is what I was trying to explain lol

  • Estiva21Estiva21 Nicholasville, KYPosts: 3Member

    After you get a Grandmastered skill it dont cost you hkp everythime you use it.  It only costs when you want to upgrade the skill to a higher lvl.  Example=  going from G1 to G2 will cost your hkp.

  • K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Edmonton, ABPosts: 227Member


    Originally posted by Estiva21

    After you get a Grandmastered skill it dont cost you hkp everythime you use it.  It only costs when you want to upgrade the skill to a higher lvl.  Example=  going from G1 to G2 will cost your hkp.

    But even getting a skill to G1 is almost impossible....

    so dont even worry about it guys


  • JishyWishyJishyWishy Fremont, CAPosts: 1Member

    Nearly all high levels in the game have GrandMastered skills (including me )

  • ArawonArawon Oz, ALPosts: 1,108Member

    Some say there is little fighting..true..not true ?

    If no it just a grindfeast ?

  • ShrikeValeoShrikeValeo ManchesterPosts: 33Member

    Well from what some SSs show, when theres a big fight, every saturday if i recall (only just started playing today so bit overhauled with info), theres a fair few, theres also mining and fishing.

    I'm just gutted to hear the low number of skills to learn, although one could say its my Guild Wars Syndrome, plus many mmorpgs have a fair few variations of the same skill concept, like DoTAoE, PBAoE etc, with varying elements and such.

    All I can say is this PK system seems a lot fairer than that of Dekaron and RF Online, to name two.


  • DohnovahnDohnovahn Arlington, VAPosts: 25Member

    I am somewhat new to the game, i have not had much trouble at all with the ganking, traveling in groups is a good way to avoid it, this is pretty much another grind fest with no specified goal, so people with get bored and gank a lot eventually. Happy hunting

    The Paladin

  • DilaniaDilania LondonPosts: 3Member

    You can lose items when you are killed if you have negative rank and your char is lvl 50 and above.

    Switch to free mode (lvl 15 and above only) and kill someone from your own kingdom  = loss of HKP.  Also if you are part of a group and a group member kills on free you will lose HKP (make a hasty exit from the group in this case)

    HKP are used when advancing your skills from GrandMaster to Perfect.  The number of HKP used depends on what level G skill you currently have.  For example, making a skill from G1 to G2 uses a lot less HKP than making a skill from G8 to G9 (higher the G higher the HKP used)  Also worth mentioning that even if your Soul Stone fails when upgrading skills you still lose HKP.

    Please note that HKP is not a factor when using skills in combat. (sorry some posts read that way)


    HKP can be quickly regained using various methods.  Zen beans give your HKP a boost, go fishing and get some sage gloves (increases HKP gain rate), put all your items in storage and go afk outside of a safe zone (many maps have nice little quiet corners), grind mobs, let people kill you on Hostile Mode or visit an enemy kingdom (items again in storage)

    Lost HKP is never lost forever.  A little work and common sense is all you need :)


    Metin2 is a PVP game.  People will kill you...You will kill others.  Its just how it is.


    Happy Gaming :)



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