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StarQuest Online: Combat System Overhaul

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

The folks at StarQuest Online have announced a number of changes to ship combat that will be implemented with the game's next patch.

This is the ship combat changes patch discussed elsewhere in the forums


1- Smaller ships harder to hit

2- Target in motion, harder to hit

3- Shooter in motion, harder to hit target

4- Both shooter and target in motion, harder to hit x 2

5- Both shooter and target in motion, but heading straight at each other, easier to hit

6 -Shooter in motion, target stationary, shooter headed straight at target, easier to hit

7- Damage done to shields by weapon fire, reduced by 50%

8- Targetable systems on target ship, such as engines, reactor, life support, and bridges

9 - Missiles cannot target individual systems, only energy weapons

10 - Targeting a specific system reduces overall accuracy by at least 50%, some systems are harder to target than others

11 - Pirate flags will be changed to time out after 2 hours or so, the faction flagging system now makes it unnecessary to flag ships for months at a time


* Targeting a system does not work if there is a shield on the target between your weapon and the targeted system able to block the blow

* When targeting systems, missiles suffer the same accuracy penalty as beam weapons, even though they cannot directly target a ship's system

* NPC ships now have this ability too, based on the experience level of the NPC ship - priorities used by different NPC groups vary depending on the morals of the NPC group, for example, Alliance Fleet vessels do not target life support systems on their opponent's ships

Read more here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • CleffyIICleffyII The Moon, CAPosts: 3,440Member

    Whats with the combat system?  Thats too much like a ... game.  I mean you should have to learn if you pickup the coffee cup, the face hugger is gonna jump out from behind the cabinet and kill you.  Ohh and you can't forget the pen from the first area, because you will need it to get around the Tentacle Monster.


  • LyseriousLyserious springfield, COPosts: 15Member

    I like the changes they made.  Big upgrade from the point click and shoot.  And the reduce damage gives more reaction time so it isnt just unloading as much damage as possible. Feels like you have to think about your actions now a bit more.

  • AngitheriasAngitherias Prince Albert, SKPosts: 26Member

    Can someone update this list?


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