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Too much Star Wars?

jusomdudejusomdude Member Posts: 2,481 Uncommon

George just seems to keep adding more and more into the Star Wars world but with the latest movies he seems to have lost his edge or maybe it's just that people have become spoiled with other movies. Although, it seems like many things that are dragged out seem to lose their appeal after awhile. I really don't like the idea of the live action series although I'm kind of interested in the clone wars series. There can only be so much Star Wars story to tell before it starts to lose it's gleam, wonder, and epicness, and just becomes watered down fiction.


Do you think George should put a stop on it, or produce as much as possible before he dies?




  • WootNationWootNation Orange County, CAMember Posts: 244

    Whats a Star Wars?

    Give me a good skill based sandbox game, and i'll give you a cookie!

  • blackf00tblackf00t winston-salem, NCMember Posts: 84

    ok this is kind of tough.

    i say ill take as much GOOD star wars as i can get

    once it gets stupid. . . im cracking effin skulls and leaving.

  • WootNationWootNation Orange County, CAMember Posts: 244

    Ya I agree with the above poster.


    But the question is, What is a Star Wars?!

    Give me a good skill based sandbox game, and i'll give you a cookie!

  • KrayzjoelKrayzjoel Glendale, AZMember Posts: 906

        LOL Too much Star Trek !!!!!

    Ill take Star Wars any day!

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    Playing EVE Online and AOC.
    Wtg for SW:TOR and WOD

  • E1ioE1io Hollywood, FLMember Posts: 86

    I'm kind of burned out wit hstar wars at the moment.


     If I see kotor 3 though, I'm renewed again.

  • xsharkeyesxxsharkeyesx Atlanta, GAMember Posts: 119

    Its because Joseph Campbell died, who was the one who pretty much made the stories work right. The first three movies came out before he died, the next three were much after...


    Thats my opinion at least....


    btw, anyone who doesnt know who Joseph Campbell is should look him up, he was a genius.



    edit: im aware the stories themselves were written before the movie, but i feel he had a big part in making the movies not suck too.


  • Azure77Azure77 Groves, TXMember Posts: 355

        From a Business stand point GL should milk fans til he dies. Star Wars Clones the animated series was better done than the 3 movies combined. I think, I would rather see SW milked into the ground , so he can make Willow 2 or something.

  • griff66griff66 pleasant grove, UTMember Posts: 51

    Shit man SW?  Frikkin revolutionary. I could seriously go for a bad ass kotor mmo er something. That would be frikkin bonerific dude.

  • vickypollardvickypollard moooMember Posts: 305

    Star Wars is a great concept but GL just ruined it all with Luke Sky Walker and Ewoks and Jaja and crapy scripts and crap acting in the latest movies. Then he adds soooo many plot holes with the expanded universe which personally I don't care about cause that's for geeks.

  • Master_RazorMaster_Razor Beaverton, ORMember Posts: 226

    Is there new Star Wars stuff coming out? I was unaware.

    I'll love Star Wars forever. The only time I'd stop is if anyone but George started running things.

    If anyone tries to take over Star Wars after George passes on, he's gonna get sniped.



  • wikiewikie LondonMember Posts: 209

    i dont think there will be another because the star wars episodes are over..

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