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A Wii wish for a Wii MMO

GishgeronGishgeron Princeton, KYPosts: 1,287Member

  I was hunting about for some topic to toss my buck and a half into, when I noticed the poll here about which console you would like to see an MMO for.  Now, I realize that many of you are zealous haters of the very notion of console MMO's (which I find both pretty lame and elitist considering consoles gave birth to the very foundations of advanced gaming.) but I thought I'd express a secret, burning desire I've been having with you all.


  I'd really love, more than anything, to see an MMO for the Wii.  Not just any MMO...but a Super Mario RPG MMO.  I don't care how cartooni-ish the graphics are, indeed I think we'd all expect just that from the series.  I really liked the old school Mario RPG (Seven Stars) and thought that its probably the ONLY incarnation of Mario left untouched by the Nintendo crew.  Also, out of ALL the many gaming companies out there...I honestly think I would trust Nintendo the MOST when it came to complete player satisfaction and remaining true to the series roots.  So here are some things I thought about, and decided I'd like to see in such a game.


#1  Farming for gold by smashing blocks with my head.  For once in the industry...some honesty to the whole ideal of grinding gold.  Literally, you grind gold by slamming your head into a wall.  The irony here just makes me smile.  This isn't to say I wouldn't still want mobs to drop teh moniez...but I think our gaming minds are so used to the ideal of smashing those little blocks that most of us JUST might do it anyway.  Hours of fun ensue.


#2  The Great mini-games.  Hell, its already Mario universe....can't be too hard to add in some racing, target practice, music creation, soccer, and criminal graffiti clean up as well. 


#3  Races.  Obviously, plumbers are out....but....who can really complain when Mushrooms, Turtles, Moles, Giant Green Donkeys, Hammer Wielding goliaths, Frogs, and Cloud people are in?  Technicaly, they could even use a Human-esue race too...since, ya know, the marios, Princess, and all of the kings from Mario 3 WERE kinda...I dunno...mankind-ish.


#4 No Classes!  It HAS to be a skill-esque game since there aren't any class structures in that universe anyway.  I'm reminded of Morrowind and my insane jump skill....thats neither here nor there though.


#5 I really should have something better to say here...but for the darndest reason all I can think about is how great it would feel to slam a shell into another players head. 


#6 "LFM Bowser's Castle"  Would be an interesting thing to see.


#7  No need for weird portals....we have PIPE transportation!  What could be more awesome that forcing your guild through a sewer before arriving at your raid?


#8  Best mounts ever.  Go-Karts.  The crazy gold one from Double Dash as an epic mount.  You ride Clouds for Flying mounts.  Complete with awesome crazy color options....because we all know everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom is tripping something.  Seeing a pink Kart drive by wouldn't be so out of place there.


#9  Awesome timing controlled combat taken from the Super Nintendo RPG.  You time the hits right, you get bonus damage!  Active, yet still auto, combat would be refreshing.  Especially with those neato animations for successful hits.


And last!


#10  No breath meter under water!!!!!!!  IF Mario can go an hour without can we by god.  As this is a Mario game...I'd expect interesting and full underwater areas.  The seas of Mario land are not barren wastelands...devoid of life.  They have angry players....for some reason.


Miyamoto, make it so.


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