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9dragons Review.

PiraiyahPiraiyah StockholmPosts: 6Member


A review based on someone that has played for 2 months only!!

First some short general info:

It is free. It has some ingame ads and some premium stuff you can buy with cash in their item-mall. You can experience the game perfectly well without those though.

There is two factions, the Black and White clans, and they have 3 clans each. PVP doesn't come early in the game though (unless you want it).

White clans: Beggars, Shaolin, Wutang

Black clan: Demons, Sacred Flowers, Brotherhood of thieves.


Game +

The many kung-fu fighting animations of your characters pretty much makes the game worth playing alone. :D

There is quite a lot of quests with interesting stories which are different for each clan.

You can use most of your loot to exchange for valuable items.

Graphicwise there is a lot of variation within the maps. I think the environment is really cozy.

GM's are often ingame supporting players, and answer players in need on their forums in a matter of minutes.

Game -

Many quest-bugs.

The world is quite small.

And this results in seeing the same monsters a bit too much, and which makes grinding a bit more boring.

The game lack a partyquest feature.

When trying to coming up with more things to complain about then it all results in wanting more of everything that already exists to some extent. :3 More monsters, maps, quests, classes, etc etc. Maybe one will never be satisfied, but I think this proves that the game is worthwhile.

I guess I will leave it once the grinding gets even more boring, but then I at least had a nice time until then.



  • TrashcantoyTrashcantoy DragonstonePosts: 827Member

    endgame has partyquests.. but that will take a while grinding towards it :p

    apart from some random disconnecting and crashes i enjoy the game (lvl 63) the grind sets in after lvl 40 but it still ok with double xp on wed/fri/sat/sun for 2 hours a day, i got from 62 to 63 in 2 hours of double xp so its not that bad at all

    its just a bit too bad they recently upgraded the premium package (available through the item mall) so when u pay u will be at a advantage, but i am more PvE (non raiding too, at least so far :p) so i still dont have the urge to buy some acclaim coins

    im eagerly awaiting the next patch cause that will fix the "not dropping of advanced tomes" :)

    MMOs currently playing: -
    About to play: Lord of the Rings Online
    Played: Anarchy Online (alltime favorite) and lots of f2p titles (honorable mentions: 9Dragons, Martial Heroes, Dekaron, Atlantica Online)

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