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Abbreviation In Zu

heitan000heitan000 dd, MTPosts: 8Member


hc - Holy City

bm - Blue mountain

lake - Sky Lake

mt - Miracle Town

dc - Desert City

gc - Ghost Canyon

mp - Miracleblade Peak

dw - Death World

nt - North Temple

nif - Northern Ice Field

iv - Ice Vale

ia - Icy Abysm ( Or is it Ice Abysm? )

zin - Zin Palace

swirling - Swirling Path

asv - Azure Sea Valley

hex - Hexad Region

wan - Wan Mountain


tao - Shadow Taoist

brute - Brute Marshal

widow/yee - Widow Yee

flyer - Flyer Lord

jintha - Jintha Lord

cd - Crystal Dragon


sw - Sun warrior

sm - Swordsman

sum - Summoner

mm - Moonmaiden

bf - Bead Fairy


herb - Soul Herb

leaf - Pet Exp Leaf ( Most of the time )

brigs - Brigands

af - Auto Fly

rq - Round Quests

ace/fortune/riches - Ace/Fortune/Riches Caskets

ct - Commercial Trade

pillaring - Leeching exp by afking at guild area

mass - Massacre Quests

maze - Sinuous Maze

pw - Pet walking

ms - Monster Slaying

maze - Sinuous Maze

qna - Question and Answer



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